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PN I Final Exam Review | Rated A Guide | Latest 2021 / 2022 | Rasmussen College 1. What type of loss is evaporation and what are some examples of evaporation? - insensible fluid loss - swe... ating or breathing 2. What is conduction and what is an example? - heat is transferred from a warm to cool surface by direct contact - a warm body lying on a cool metal radiology table 3. What are some examples of antipyretics given to lower a persons fever? - - acetaminophen (tylenol) - ibuprophen (motrin/advil) - ASA (aspirin) 4. Who are the normal antipyretic drugs not given to? Why? - children under 2 years old - children or teens recovering from the flu or chicken pox-Reye's syndrome 5. At what temperature is the patient considered to have hypothermia? What is the exception? - 95 degrees and below - older adults may have a lower body temperature and it is considered their normal and is not hypothermia 6. What is one purpose that hypothermia is medically induced? - during surgery-to decrease oxygen needs during surgery 7. What are the foods that a person at risk for gout should avoid? - organ meats, - anchovies, - sardines, - shellfish, - bacon, - dried beans & peas, - alcohol, - beer 8. What are some assessment findings for a pt with gout? [Show More]

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