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NUR 2058 / NUR2058 Dimensions of Nursing Practice Final Exam Review | Rated A Study Guide |Rasmussen College

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NUR 2058 / NUR2058 Dimensions of Nursing Practice Final Exam Review | Rated A Study Guide |Rasmussen College  Medicare Covers: - Elderly - Disabled - Cost of a Skilled Nursing Facility - R... ehab and Received service from MCS nursing homes.  The impact of Aging Population - Long-term economic impact - Long-term effects on nursing - Long-term effects on geriatrics - Long-term effects on special educational needs  The Silver Tsunami - The rapid growth in the older population increases the demand for health services.  Why have the use of integrative health practices increased - dissatisfaction with conventional health care, desire for greater control of health, desire for cultural and philosophical congruence with personal beliefs, belief in the effectiveness of alternative therapies, individual health status, rising cost of conventional health care  Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) - Using research findings to guide nursing practice. It uses statistical data to estimate the risk-benefit ratio.  The process used in ethical decision making - Step 1: Collect, analyze, and interpret data. - Step 2: State the dilemma - Step 3: Consider the Choices of action - Step 4: Analyze the Advantages and Disadvantages of each course of action - Step 5: Make the Decision and Act on it  Neuman Health-Care Systems Model - Focus: The individual and his or her environment and is applicable to a variety of health-care disciplines apart from nursing. - Theorist: Betty Neuman - Client: An open system that interacts constantly with internal and external environments through the system's boundaries. - Environment: Composed of internal and external forces, or stressors, that produce change or response in the client. Stressors may be helpful or harmful, strong or weak. - Health: The relatively stable internal functioning of the client. - Nurse: To identify at what level or in which boundary a disruption in the client's internal stability has taken place and then to aid the client in activities that strengthen or restore the integrity of that particular boundary.  Resolving conflict strategies - Strategy 1: Ignore the conflict - Strategy 2: Confront the conflict - Strategy 3: Postpone the conflict  Three primary methods of communication - verbal, - paraverbal, and - nonverbal  verbal communication - communication is written/spoken and constitutes 7% of the communicated message  Paraverbal communication - communications is the tone, pitch, volume, and diction used when delivering a verbal message  Nonverbal communication - makes up 55% of communication and includes body language, facial expressions, gestures, physical appearance, touch, and spatial territory  Scope of Practice for RN. - Admission assessment, IV meds, Blood products, care plan, client teaching, unstable clients, and acute diseases  Who can RN delegate to? [Show More]

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