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NUR2755 / NUR 2755 Multidimensional Care IV Exam 1 Review | Rated A Complete Guide| LATEST 2021/ 2022 | Rasmussen College

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NUR2755 / NUR 2755 Multidimensional Care IV Exam 1 Review | Rated A Complete Guide| LATEST | Rasmussen College 1. Seizure/epilepsy - abnormal, sudden, uncontrolled electrical discharge of neu... rons - two or more seizures experienced; chronic disorder of repeated unprovoked electrical abnormality 2. Partial Seizure - complex (LOC 1-3 min.), automatisms - simple aura sensation, unilateral movement, sensations, change in flushing or epigastric discomfort 3. Unclassified seizure - seizure that doesn't fit into a category - primary cause seizure idiopathic - genetic factors 4. secondary cause seizure - underlying lesion-trauma or tumor - metabolic disorders - acute alcohol withdrawl - electrolyte dsiturbances - high fever - stroke - head injury - substance abuse - heart disease 5. Seizuer Diagnositc testing - EEG - CT/MRI - SPECT/PET - Metabolic labs - Antiepileptic drugs 6. Injury prevention with seizures - side rails with padding - observe and document - turn patient on side - loosen restrictive clothing - suction oral secretions as needed - no restraint 7. Status epilepticus - medical emergency - seizure lasting longer than 5 minutes or repeated over 30 minutes - treat with lorazepam or diazepam 8. Status epilepticus causes - withdrawal from AED's, infection, acute alcohol/drug withdrawl, head trauma, cerebral edema, metabolic disturbances 9. Seizure interventions surgical - Vagal nerve stimulation - brain resection or corpus callostomy 10. Meningitis - inflammation of brain and spinal cord - Meningococcal meningitis highly contagious and deadly 11. Meningitis causes - bacteria/viral, fungal, protozoal or cancer drugs - Direct:trauma, ruptured brain abscense, basilar skull fracture, infection in eye, ear, nose, mouth 12. Meningitis assessment - LOC change (decrease) - photophobia, nystagmus, abnormal eye movement - decreased muscle tone, cranial nerve dysfunction - Short attention span, personality and behavioral change, severe headache - vomit, aches and pain, fever and chills, tachycardia [Show More]

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