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NUR 2513 / NUR2513 Maternal Child Nursing Exam 1 Review | Highly Rated Guide | LATEST | Rasmussen College

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NUR 2513 / NUR2513 Maternal Child Nursing Exam 1 Review 1. LMP  last menstrual period 2. How to measure fundal height when mom doesn't know LMP:  measure fundus/ fundal height 3... . What is at risk if there is a risk for vascular disease/insult?  Placenta 4. Most common fetal anomalies  Cardiac 5. What do unmanaged blood sugars that are always elevated cause?  Macrosomia 6. Musculoskeletal effects of pregnancy  Back ache because center of gravity changes  Risk of falling increases  Joints are more flexible  At risk for injury  Be cautious and protect knees, wrists and elbows from injury 7. What increases the risk for vascular disease?  Diabetes and synthetic insulin 8. Benefit of pregnant diabetic controlling blood sugar  If mom can manage diabetes with insulin without rises in blood sugar  If we need to add insulin we must now monitor more closely  We will still monitor closely because of the vascular entity  Risk of macrosomia is greatly reduced. 9. Why is it important to talk to mother about bladder?  It can interfere with pregnancy and cause issues 10. How often should women perform self-breast exams?  monthly (7-10 days after menstruation ends)  The influence of progesterone causes breasts to become lumpy.  It's better to perform exam when progesterone is out of mom's system and entering a cycle renewed with estrogen. 11. Self-breast exam patient education  If you feel a lump, please see your doctor. 12. Painful menstruation, one of the MOST COMMON OB/GYN complaints.  Dysmenorrhea [Show More]

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