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Deakin University SLE 112 Forensic Reflective assesment

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PART A 1. At the very start of the investigation while listening to the audio recording of the 911 call made at the night of the alleged kidnapping, the only experts present at the audio sampling ... were the two main hosts. The main hosts are Jim Clemente, a retired FBI profiler, and Laura Richards, a behavioral analyst, none of which are experts in such field of listening and interpreting audio recordings. They should have brought in their linguistic expert and statement analysis expert during the listening of the 911 audio recording. Later on, in the investigation while reinvestigating the scene of the crime inside the rebuilt house of the Ramsey family they were investigating the possibility of Burke Ramsey being directly involved. While inside the house John Clemente and Laura Richards were investigating a bowl of pineapple and milk with Forensic Pathologist, Werner Spitz. Although his insight on a possible timeline of what happened that night was within his field of expertise, because he was able to estimate how long it would take a digested pineapple to reach the small intestine. But his statement or judgement to say that the it is possible that the act JonBenét taking a piece of pineapple from Burke’s bowl was tipping point for the crime to happen was way out of his field as he is a pathologist and assuming links and scenarios like that was not the job of a pathologist. 2. The first piece of evidence reinvestigated was the supposed ransom note left on the stairs of the house. They concluded that based on the style of writing and how it was written that it’s highly possible that it was faked and staged as most of the letter is just filler words and the fact that the paper and pen used were from inside the house indicating if that there was an intruder, he/she in reality wouldn’t have much time to write such letter. The next piece is the crime scene itself, where they stated that there was a break-in of an intruder. Based on the reinvestigation, an intruder wasn’t really possible based on post-crime footage of the suspected entry point, wherein an intruder would need to fill out the entirety of the window to enter. The post-crime footage showed the presence of cobwebs around the edges and corner of the suspected entry point and that any intruder that would have entered through there should have left signs of disruption on those cobwebs or more likely that the cobwebs shouldn’t even be there. Third piece of evidence reinvestigated is the flashlight which initially was the suspected weapon used to hit JonBenét on the head that would have caused the fracture that would lead to her death. The Forensic Pathologist, Werner Spitz was adamant that this flashlight was used to murder JonBenét but not real fixed conclusion was made but rather they were sure that there had to be DNA left on the flashlight and on the batteries within the flashlight. Even if it wasn’t used in the murder there had to be DNA left behind and that it was extremely odd for it to not have any sort of trace DNA on it [Show More]

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