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CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BUSINESS DESCRIPTION. The business intends to venture into a flower farm. The business name is Jami flower farm; the business will be located along Eldoret - Iten ... road. Its aim is to sell flowers to customers in town. 1.2 MARKET PLAN Marketing plan is the ability to build a growing body of satisfied customers and improve the company. Jami flower farm has different customers in town and also outside the town e.g. Kericho and Nakuru; customers could get products and service in different way. The sales tactics will be applied, those frequent customers especially who buy the product in bulk will be provided with discount. Advertisement and promotion will be conducted by use of posters and local radio station. 1.3 ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN. The management system is designed to cope with the operation of the business. It shows how the enterprise has been divided in compartment its responsibilities assigned to every department. The starting personnel will be for each having a responsibility in the running of the business to make it successful. 1.4 PRODUCT AND OPERATIONAL PLAN. Jami flower farm requires materials and equipment before starting the operation. This materials and equipment required to run the business. [Show More]

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