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Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Background Tribal Brewing was founded in 2020 with both the support of Stakeholders with the being an investment brand that offers rising equipment and craft brewing pro... ducts to a new crowd in a few foreign markets. It aim is to profit from a growing demand. Consumers are allowed to pay more for goods that are of higher quality in the market. 1.2 Situation analysis the tribal brewing is heavily reliant on the younger generation at the age of 21- 35 which means younger generation targeting the niche market engaging in specific countries with higher rate of consuming beer. The opportunities provided by US market to gain access to key competitor's best practices to utilize the niche market. The company high value product involves high-end equipment and the target market of younger generation with great expandable income. Expansion into low price with high quality product, premium products, and flavor with taste samples provided for customers will help to gain more customers through international arena. To capture the niche market with the beer consumption rate targeting younger generation the Tribal should expand its market internationally. 1.3 SWOT Analysis of Tribal Brewing Company SWOT analysis shows how a craft beer industry can develop itself in a global market. Strength Price is an important market element Phase of rapid technological growth The commodification of its distribution network has created a revolution The standard of living has been loweredStudent ID 2041721 Opportunities  Today's generation use of social media is on rise.  Expand the business reach in emerging markets. Weakness  New market where it lacks the reputation compared to other organization  Financial base is low compared to other competitors and less distribution channel Threats  Existing companion in the market  High innovation and technology growth  Intolerable price risen by foreign suppliers 1.4 Recommendations Above the analysis shows the Tribal has strength and opportunities to expand market internationally to gain more customers. 1.5 Three various countries equipment supply firms, along with a brief description Company Name Company Profile Mission and Objectives 1. Shandong Zuhuang Brewing equipment Co. Ltd (Shandong zunhuang, n.d.) The Company specialized in home brewing equipment The company reduces the cost production as well as improves in a market combat. 2. Zhangjiagang Alps Machine Co. Ltd: The major market that is situated in Africa and western Europe They are not only the home brewing equipment but also the high volume of customers request to supply in turkey. 3. HG Machinery specializes Beer equipment Co. Ltd: The company mainly focus on the breweries from malt reception to the house of brewing through medium sized plant and mechanical engineering company. The engineers are one of the most qualified and experienced over the past years where they supply brew uses, bottling and canning lines, stills, centrifuges etc. 4. Daeyoo Tech Co., Ltd (DYE) The company manufactures breweries and distilleries renovation, repairs and The company provides technology electronic distillers filters high quality brewing products.Student ID 2041721 supply equipment's for breweries. 5. Oakleigh South home brewing store The company is located in the Australia and it the first Australian brand retail home brewing store It provides all type of machine according to the customers demand, they are proud of themselves for offering best quality product in a medium price range distribut to large customers. 6. Aussie Brew makers It is also the Australian home brewing company. This company provide for the medium range of customer in a cheap price They are really proud of themselves for giving affordable range product with quality base customers. 7. Clever Brewing Limited 8. mbt- Brautechnik GmbH and C. KG 9. Kunzel Brew house 10. Wengert Gmbh Pvt, Ltd. It is the online base supplies company that is located in the Australia, It is located in Germany one of the most high brand value that manufacture brew houses, tanks over 10 years it purify , mashing brewing vessels. It is one of the high technology driven machine engineering company. It is highly value driven brew machine with distilleries, carry out renovation. Clever Brewing aims to satisfy the customer demand with friendly manner. It also satisfies the thirst of the customers around the world. mbt- Brautechnik is aim to satisfy customer demand with quality product. It focuses its work and quality product to maintain more in advance way. It mission is to provide quality services to their customers through repairing their products. 1.6 Best SupplierStudent ID 2041721 Above choosing three countries with different company the most value add and best supplier among all above the company can be Shandong Zuhuang Brewing Wquipment Co., Ltd. The company is located in china and established in 2012. Table below: Quality Logistics Ease of Trade Exchange rate Tariff The company has strong visualization operation. Low energy rate, environmental protective. The company has the high experience engineers which are verified by the TUV world leading company. Beijing being the China capital city it has great respected UK corporate governance skills. China has its low interest rate which is 8.87 Chinese Yun of UK 1 pounds. Importing goods from outside of countries Europe, a certain amount of VAT is paid. Chapter:2 Micro and Macro criteria for Expansion of Tribal Brewing Equipment 2.1 Micro Criteria Customers: Tribal Brew being the new market in the UK industries, the company mainly focuses on young generation. Target the age of 21-35 age group of the peoples. Generation Y represents is known as the least group drinker compare to other young generations. Company: Customer Engagement: Good relationship with customer is the key driven to introduce the product as they are the future consumption drinker. This shows how customer is attracted to the product. Competitors: As Tribal brew being one of the new markets with home brew product. A growing niche market is one of the key to bit the competitors. 2.2 Macro Criteria Tribal brewing depends on external factors to gain more customers through PESTEL analysis. Political Factors:  The political stable of the country  Stable exchange rateStudent ID 2041721 Economic Factors:  The factor that effects the environment of Tribal business is the stabile developed markets.  Customers with greater disposable income. Social Factors  Family situation and behavior  Home brewing technics (Home drinking) and habits Technology Factors: This shows hoe the technology acquire whole market.  Social media Platform  Internet era [Show More]

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