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Exam 1 Pathophysiology Rasmussen. Q& A. 99% Proven pass rate. Graded A+

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What can prevent pressure ulcers? - Ans-off-loading pressure on bony prominences. Is Psoriasis associated with psortiatic arthritis? - Ans-True Mitochondrias create what within cells? - Ans-prod... uces ATP for energy IgE mediates Type 2 hypersensitivity reactions. - Ans-False Which of the following causes edema? - Ans-increased capillary hydrostatic pressure ESR measures _________. - Ans-inflammation A client reports rib pain. This is called a sign. - Ans-False Hypo/Hyper-natriema can cause brain disfunction. - Ans-True Extreme itching with linear barrowing under the skin would be caused by which of the following? - Ans-Scabies Metastasis is cancer cells which _________. - Ans-travel to other sites in the body Select all that apply: What are the steps of carcinogensis? - Ans-Initiation, Promotion, Progression Bones serve as a home to which abundant element below? - Ans-Calcium What are the 5 P's to compartment syndrome? - Ans-parenthesia, pallor, pain, paralysis, pulselessness Type 2 hypersensitivity example would be: ______. - Ans-hemolytic disease of the newborn (erythroblastos fetails) Acquired immunity comes from the ingestion of breast milk? - Ans-False Select the 2: Which compounds does the body release in stress? - Ans-Cortisol, Catecholamines Select the 3 that apply: Bone marrow suppression presents in clients are_________, ________, & _____. - Ans-Anemia, Leukopenia, Thrombocytopenia How does RA, manifest? - Ans-chronic inflammation to affected joints Clients with a K=1.7 should be place on which unit? - Ans-Telemetry a person's ability to successfully adapt to changes and stress is __________. - Ans-Allostasis Prescribing antibiotics to a viral conditions promotes _____________. - Ans-antimicrobial resistance The overall weight loss & muscles weakness in a cancer patient is __________. - Ans-cachexia Cancer cells can migrate and invade other organs. - Ans-True Osteosarcoma is a benign condition which is easily treated. - Ans-False Compartment syndrome is painless and uncomplicated. - Ans-False What causes contact dermatitis? - Ans-Skin Allergen Myasthenia Gravis (MG) can lead into ___________ failure. - Ans-Respiratory Which of the following is NOT symptom/sign of dehydration. - Ans-Increased Urine Alarm phase of Hans Selye's general adaptation syndrome states: _____________________. - Ans-reduced resistance to stressors Which level of prevention deals with immunizations? - Ans-Primary Prevention Vomiting and diarrhea are examples of _____________. - Ans-extracellular volume deficits Fibromyalgia is misunderstood because ______________. - Ans-no sign are visible to MD's Select 2: extracellular fluid contains higher concentrations of _______ & ________. - Ans-Sodium, Chloride Which of the following are fight or flight signs? - Ans-Dilated Pupils, Increased BP, Increased HR [Show More]

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