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CMA CERTIFICATION EXAM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS LATEST 2022 A fax transmittal sheet should not include: A) messages B) an account number C) phone numbers D) title of recipient E) All of these an... swers - Correct Answer- B The structure that prevents material from entering the windpipe is the: A) alveolus B) trachea C) bronchus D) pharynx E) epiglottis - Correct Answer- E Which of the following federal agencies tracks epidemics? A) DEA B) FDA C) ADA D) CDC E) CMS - Correct Answer- D Which of the following is a written communication among members of an organization? A) Letter B) Itinerary C) Memoranda D) Agenda - Correct Answer- C A computer program that is designed to acquire access codes and passwords for illegal entry into a computer system is called: A) White horse B) data diddling C) time bombs D) Trojan horse E) worm - Correct Answer- D _____ indicates toward the head. A) Cephalad B) Inferior C) Central D) Parietal E) Superficial - Correct Answer- A A predefined computer setting that is automatically loaded with each new document unless changed by the user is the: A) buffer B) macro C) directory D) menu E) default - Correct Answer- E Ineffective patient education communication techniques include all of the following EXCEPT: A) changing topics B) advising C) accepting D) defending E) criticizing - Correct Answer- C AEDs are specifically used for: A) asystole B) None of these answers C) asystole and ventricular tachycardia D) ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia E) asystole and ventricular fibrillation - Correct Answer- D Which one of the following statements describes the interrelationship between the cardiovascular system and the skeletal system? A) Oxygenation of all cells B) Hematopoiesis C) Immune response D) Metabolism E) Blood pressure regulation - Correct Answer- B Adopting the view of other persons relative to their situation and experience is known as: A) introjection B) projection C) sympathy D) empathy E) reinforcement - Correct Answer- D The legal term in Latin that means "the thing speaks for itself.": A) Respondeat superior B) Stare decisis C) Res ipsa loquitur D) Locum tenens - Correct Answer- C Which of the following is not considered a type of writen correspondence used in the medical office? A) Form letters B) All of these are considered types of written correspondence used in a medical office. C) Information sheets and patient education materials D) Interoffice communications (IOC) E) Email - Correct Answer- C All of the following are included information located on a sterilization log EXCEPT: A) items autoclaved B) temperature C) date D) signature of person who has performed the sterilization procedure E) None of the above - Correct Answer- B Which of the following documents is usually found only in the problem-oriented medical record? A) Problem list B) Hospital reports C) Medical history D) Progress notes E) Diagnostic reports - Correct Answer- A What are structural or mechanical devices that are designed to minimize exposure to bloodborne pathogens? A) Exposure controls B) Engineering controls C) Standard precautions D) None of these answers E) Work practice controls - Correct Answer- B All of the following are liquid preparations EXCEPT: A) syrup B) elixir C) suspension D) solution E) troche - Correct Answer- E. CONTINUES....... [Show More]

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