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FISDAP Paramedic Final Exam 2022 with complete solution Guaranteed Score A+

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You have received an order for a dopamine drip. You carry 500cc bags of D5W. How much dopamine should you add to the bag to create a 1600mcg/1mL dilution? A. 800mg B. 1600mcg C. 1600mg D. 400mcg -... ANSWER A. 800 mg 2. During the absolute refractory period, what happens to the cardiac cell? A. It is unable to be stimulated. B. The cell is vulnerable to partial stimulation. C. Potassium is being pumped out of the cell. D. Calcium has just rushed into the cell. - ANSWER A. It is unable to be stimulated. 3. A 29-year-old female fell from an 18 foot roof. During your rapid trauma assessment, where are you most likely to find life-threatening injuries? A. Head, neck, extremities B. Head, chest, abdomen C. Abdomen, pelvis, arms D. Chest, pelvis, extremities - ANSWER B. Head, chest, abdomen 4. Unequal pupils are a result of pressure on which structure? A. Central medulla B. Trochlear membrane C. Vagus nerve D. Occulomotor nerve - ANSWER D. Occulomotor nerve 5. What is an abnormally high level of carbon dioxide in the blood called? A. Pneumonia B. Hypoxia C. Hypercapnia D. Emphysema - ANSWER C. Hypercapnia 6. What is oxygen deficiency in the body called? A. Hypercarbia B. Hyperoxia C. Hypoxia D. Hypoxemia - ANSWER C. Hypoxia 7. What is your initial priority at a trench collapse? A. Establishing medical command B. Maintaining control of the crowd C. Preventing a secondary collapse D. Protecting the patient's airway - ANSWER A. Establishing medical command 8. A 23 year old male complains of neck stiffness and flu symptoms for the past few days. He also describes a high fever with a severe headache, dizziness and blurred vision. What should you suspect? A. Hemorrhagic stroke B. Migraine C. Meningitis D. Influenza - ANSWER C. Meningitis 9. What causes an emphysema patient to have a pink appearance? A. Elevated PCO2 level B. Polycythemia C. Anemia D. Elevated PO2 level - ANSWER B. Polycythemia 10. Which of the following is a musical, squeaking or whistling sound heard in inspiration and expiration while auscultating lung fields? A. Wheezing B. Snoring C. Stridor D. Gurgling - ANSWER A. Wheezing 11. You are treating a 82 year old male in hypovolemic shock. In order to increase their blood pressure you should administer: A. 0.45% NaCl via IV B. isotonic fluids orally C. dextrose 5% in water via IO D. isotonic crystalloid via IV - ANSWER D. isotonic crystalloid via IV 12. A 35 year old man is pulseless and apneic. He was found in a lake after falling through the ice. His wife says he left the house 3 hours ago. His is cold and rigid. What should you do? A. Perform chest compressions B. Begin active rewarming techniques C. Obtain IO access and administer a warm fluid bolus D. Contact the medical examiner - ANSWER A. Perform chest compressions 13. What does a pulsating mass in the abdomen suggest? A. Abdominal aortic aneurysm B. Perforated ulcer C. Hernia D. Ruptured ectopic pregnancy - ANSWER A. Abdominal aortic aneurysm 14. What is the safest and most effective landing pattern for a helicopter? A. At a slight angle like that of a jet B. Nose of the helicopter pointing up with a tail wind C. Straight up and down in a vertical motion D. Nose of the helicopter pointing down with a slow descent - ANSWER A. At a slight angle like that of a jet 15. During inspiration, what happens to blood flow in the thoracic cavity? A. afterload increases B. blood flow increases to the right atrium C. blood flow through the vena cava is reduced D. pressure in the aorta increases - ANSWER B. blood flow increases to the right atrium 16. What is the period of the cardiac cycle when stimulation will not produce any depolarization? A. Impulse refractory period B. Absolute refractory period C. Relative refractory period D. Transient refractory period - ANSWER B. Absolute refractory period 17. While treating a 56 year old male for chest pain, you note a few PVCs on the monitor. You print a strip and measure the distance between the normal beats on each side of the PVC. The normal sinus rhythm continues on both sides of the PVC as if it were the normal beat, even though the PVC happens sooner than the sinus beat would have. The pause after the PVC would be: A. A sign of continued ischemia B. A compensatory pause C. A non-compensatory pause D. Reynaud's Pause - ANSWER B. A compensatory pause 18. A 5 month old male is in cardiac arrest. Resuscitation efforts have been ongoing for 30 minutes. His heart rhythm is and has been asystolic throughout treatment. What should you do? A. Continue CPR and ACLS drugs for another thirty minutes B. Begin termination of resuscitative efforts C. Report suspected child abuse to the police D. Wait for the coroner before stopping CPR - ANSWER B. Begin termination of resuscitative efforts 19. Which of the following requires ATP? A. Active transport B. Osmosis C. Diffusion D. Facilitated diffusion - ANSWER A. Active transport 20. A 52 year old male was the unrestrained driver in a frontal impact car crash. Which of the following injuries would lead you to believe the patient traveled "up and over" the dashboard instead of "down and under"? A. Patellar dislocation B. Cervical spine fracture C. Ruptured diaphragm D. Flail chest - ANSWER C. Ruptured diaphragm 21. How does the blood flow through the heart? A. Right ventricle to right atrium to lungs to left ventricle to left atrium B. Right atrium to right ventricle to lungs to left atrium to left ventricle C. Left ventricle to left atrium to lungs to right ventricle to right atrium D. Left atrium to left ventricle to lungs to right atrium to right ventricle - ANSWER B. Right atrium to right ventricle to lungs to left atrium to left ventricle 22. As soon as an infant's head is delivered, what should you do? A. Determine the location of the umbilical cord. B. Rotate the shoulders to the anterolateral position. C. Examine the vulva and perineum for lacerations. D. Exert strong steady pressure on the fundus. - ANSWER A. Determine the location of the umbilical cord. 23. A patient has aphasia following a stroke, which lobe of the brain was affected? A. Temporal B. Occipital C. Parietal D. Frontal - ANSWER A. Temporal 24. What does the P wave represent [Show More]

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