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ADEX DSE Practiced Questions and Answers 100% Pass

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ADEX DSE Practiced Questions and Answers 100% Pass Clinical picture of 14 y.o. with inflamed gingival✔✔Leukemia How should an allergic reaction to barbiturates on lip be treated?✔✔Benadryl ... Patient does not like look on canine (pictured), asked what it was✔✔Hypoplasia Facial erosion due to acidic beverages✔✔ Amelogenesis Imperfecta (xray)✔✔ Blue sclera (eye picture), what dental findings should you see?✔✔Dentinogenesis imperfecta All of the following are Hyperthyroid symptoms except? a. fatigue b. exopthalamus c. tachycardia d. tremor of extremities✔✔a. fatigue The minimal axial reduction for crowns are✔✔1.5mm Crown on #9 needs to be replaced. What measurement is correct?✔✔2mm occlusal reduction What is the maximum amount of unsupported porcelain allowed?✔✔2mm The most important treatment for ANUG is✔✔debridement What is Gingivectomy used for✔✔gingival hyperplasia What is the treatment for a patient with a liver clot?✔✔Irrigate, apply pressure, reassess (liver clot-unstable and often large, friable clot commonly forming in mucous membranes. Usually lead to excessive bleeding and abnormal wound healing.) In order to improve gingival health, what must you do to temporary crown?✔✔Under contour Picture of Upper and lower complete arch crowns. What is wrong?✔✔Impingement on gums/gums health Patient presents with pain on swallowing when wearing their denture. What is wrong?✔✔Overextension of lingual flange Patient presents with space in between 3rd molar and premolar, with class II mobility. How should you treat?✔✔Implant Patient missing #2 and #3. #1 has Class III mobility and furcation involvement. What would be the optimal treatment plan?✔✔Extract #1 and implant for #3 or #2and #3 If you cannot pick a color for crown, what should you choose?✔✔something with LOWER shade saturation and less gray What is the worst location for an implant?✔✔maxillary posterior What is the best location for an implant?✔✔Either mandibular posterior or mandibular anterior What is the best long term prognosis for an implant?✔✔Either mandibular posterior or mandibular anterior Zinc phosphate is the worst cement for what type of restoration✔✔deep restoration (pulpal irritation) BW xray of amalgam restoration. [Show More]

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