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HART Questions and Answers 100% Pass Which of the following is not a responsibility of lead agencies? ✔✔To coordinate response operations in their discipline as well as related disciplines whi... ch of the following humanitarian community entities includes agencies such as the world food programme, childrens fund, and the office of the high commissioner for human rights? ✔✔The United Nations One way to enhance relationships with a foreign culture is to make cultural compromises (changes in customs, manners, behavior, gestures, etc.) that demonstrate your willingness to respect the other's culture. ✔✔true which of the following is a good definition of the principle of Neutrality in the provision of humanitarian aid? ✔✔Humanitarian actors must not take sides in hostilities or engage in controversies of a political, racial, religious, or ideological nature What is the appropriate involvement of military in assessments? (Select all that apply.) ✔✔- Upon request, assists Affected State and humanitarian organizations by providing transportation and logistics support -Conducts assessments to determine its operational needs to execute FDR mission Which of the following have brought about increased security risks to aid workers and organizations? ✔✔All answers are correct In the Sphere Project Handbook, minimum standards: (Select all that apply) ✔✔Are equivalent to the military Measure of Excellence (MOE) Provide qualitative measure specifying the minimum levels to be attained during a humanitarian response Which organization is the global cluster lead for the logistics cluster? ✔✔UN World Food Programme (WFP) When collaborating with civilian responders, military actors should _____. ✔✔Attend civilianled meetings when invited Which of the following are generally signs of recovery in a community following a disaster? (Select all that apply.) ✔✔Infrastructure is being rebuilt Markets are re-opening Families are being resettled As soon as possible after a disaster, the UNDAC team prepares a: ✔✔Plan of action "Pull, not push" is a simple concept or metaphor that refers to the preferred approach to managing logistics in disaster response efforts. ✔✔true In which of the following information sources can you find assessment information about a disaster? (Select all that apply.) ✔✔relief web, humanitarian response Which of the following is NOT a protected right of IDPs? ✔✔Right to protection in exchange for their property In disasters, a community's vulnerability is: ✔✔A measure of how well prepared and equipped a community is to minimize the impact of or cope with hazards Which of the following about the Sphere Project handbook are true? ✔✔The handbook's minimum standards are widely accepted by the humanitarian community providing professional and technical benchmarks for aid agencies when conducting emergency assistance. The handbook is based on the core beliefs that those affected by a disaster have the right to assistance and that steps should be taken to alleviate their suffering. Changing weather patterns, higher than usual tides, and insufficient urban planning have led to increased flooding worldwide. ✔✔true OFDA maintains these two types of facilities across the globe. ✔✔Stockpile locations for logistics and commodities Regional Offices, from which Regional Advisors travel to disaster sites One of the major impediments to military information sharing during a disaster response effort is which of the following? ✔✔Overclassification of information Which of the following are ways in which organizations protect refugees? ✔✔all of the above Which of the following are true about UN-CMCoord? ✔✔No one commands UN-CMCoord because humanitarian agencies are independent Is defined as the essential dialogue and interaction between civilian and military actors in humanitarian emergencies At the outset of a crisis, these actors are first to [Show More]

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