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LETRS Unit 4 Assessment Questions and Answers 100% Correct

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LETRS Unit 4 Assessment Questions and Answers 100% Correct Based on the grapheme representing /sh/, which word is probably from French? ✔✔machine Which of the following words is most probably f... rom the Anglo-Saxon layer of English? ✔✔playground Because of arbitrary and historical conventions governing English orthography, some letters can never be used to end a word. Which word can be explained by that principle? ✔✔have If you were teaching the soft c for reading and spelling, which words could be used as examples? ✔✔circus, cycle, center Which of the following two-syllable words contains an open syllable followed by a closed syllable? ✔✔secret Which of the following two-syllable words contains a vowel team syllable followed by a syllable with a vowel-r pattern? ✔✔power If a third-grade student writes, "My new puppy is very plafull," what does his misspelling of the word playful most likely indicate? ✔✔He needs to learn to think about the morphemes, or meaningful parts, in longer words. Which word might be found in a lesson on adverb (adverbial) suffixes? ✔✔happily What is the best definition for oral reading fluency? ✔✔reading with accuracy, expression, and sufficient speed to support comprehension What is the most critical step in the process of teaching students to recognize printed words automatically, with little effort? ✔✔Ensure that students can apply their knowledge of phonics patterns to unknown words. At what point in a student's reading development do you no longer need to spend any instructional time on systematic, explicit instruction in phonology, phonics, and syllabification? ✔✔when students can rapidly and accurately read a wide variety of multisyllabic words both in isolation and in a text [Show More]

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