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Milady Esthetics State Board Test Questions and answers, 2022, Graded A+

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Milady Esthetics State Board Test Questions and answers, 2022, Graded A+ Microbe is another term for? - ✔✔bacteria What is the lowest level of decontamination and infection control? - �... �✔sanitation When washing your hands, how long should you scrub after lathering with soap? - ✔✔30-60 seconds An Incident Report would contain which type of information? - ✔✔route of exposure, circumstances surrounding the event of exposure, source of exposure A burn that injures the muscle and bones is considered a ____ degree burn. - ✔✔fourth Which type of hepatitis is the most difficult to kill on a surface? - ✔✔type B When is it acceptable to put product that has been removed with a spatula back into the jar? - ✔✔Never Bacteria multiply best in places that are? - ✔✔Warm Scabies is caused by? - ✔✔animal parasite The ______ cranial nerve is the chief motor nerve of the face. - ✔✔seventh The human body has how many bones? - ✔✔206 The cervical nerves originate at the? - ✔✔spinal cord Which of these is a function of the skeletal system? - ✔✔provides the shape and form for the body, protects the internal organs, blood production Nonstriated muscles are also knows as what kind of muscles? - ✔✔involuntary, visceral, smooth How many muscles are in your face? - ✔✔30 Massaging the _____ nerve affects the skin of the lower eyelid, side of the nose, upper lip, and mouth. - ✔✔infraoribtal What is a function of the blood? - ✔✔help equalize the body's temperature The average brain weighs about? - ✔✔46 pounds Oxygen is? - ✔✔colorless, odorless & tasteless what is the lightest element known? - ✔✔hydrogen What has neither a definite size nor a definite shape? - ✔✔Gas The skin's protective barrier agains certain forms of bacteria and microorganisms is called the? - ✔✔acid mantle When free radicals cause an oxidation reaction they also? - ✔✔produce a new free radical soaps are? - ✔✔highly alkaline solutions are usually? - ✔✔transparent If a substance is hydrophilic, it is considered? - ✔✔water loving One advantage of O/W emulsions is that they? - ✔✔are easily rinsed away with water water-in-oil emulsions usually contain? - ✔✔a smaller amount of water and a greater amount of oil The early Hebrews used myrrh in powder form to? - ✔✔repel fleas Which culture determined a person's beauty by how or she looked when naked? - ✔✔The Greeks Your career options as an esthetician include? - ✔✔day spa esthetician, salon manager and makeup artist The grooming rituals of the early Hebrew were based on the principle that? - ✔✔their bodies were gifts to be cared for What does a state licensing inspector do? - ✔✔inspect salons to ensure state rules and regulation are being followed Modesty was greatly valued during which era? - ✔✔The Victorian age You are most likely to see the word aesthetician used in which environment? - ✔✔medical setting Which civilization is believed to have been the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagent fashion? - ✔✔Egyptians A common purpose for seeking camouflage therapy is to? - ✔✔disguise the effects of an accident What practice was common during the Renaissance? - ✔✔shaving or tweezing the eyebrows and hairline [Show More]

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