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ENG 225 Introduction to Film WEEK 2 QUIZ ANSWERS (Version 2) - ASHFORD UNIVERSITY.

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ENG 225 ENG225 WEEK 2 QUIZ ANSWERS (2023) Into which genre might you categorize a film that includes a rugged landscape against which a lone hero must uphold the law against uncivilized elements? ... Which term refers to an object that is critical to the characters in a film but may be insignificant to the viewing audience? Which term refers to a subgenre of horror films in which stomach-wrenching violence and mayhem are shown simply for their own sake, to titillate the audience and not necessarily to advance the story? Into which genre might you categorize a film that includes two young people who meet through friends and find that sparks fly even as their careers conspire to keep them apart? In which of the following genres is the audience most likely to be asked to sympathize with the forces of evil? Which of the following is most true of horror films in recent decades? What is genre theory? Which of the following is true of horror films like Insidious and The Conjuring? Based on your knowledge of lighting, this technique is best exemplified by such horror films as The Blair Witch Project and Tyler Perry’s Boo! What is the effect of a camera being tilted slightly off-axis so it doesn’t look level but gives an off- kilter, unsettling feel to a scene or makes action scenes more dynamic? What term is used to describe the practice of shooting the same scene from multiple camera viewpoints to provide options for the director and editor to select from in making the final cut? What is another name for the cinematographer of a film? Which special effects technique is used in television weather reports in which meteorologists seem to be standing in front of moving maps but are actually standing in front of a blue or green screen whose color can be removed electronically? What is the term used for a camera’s view from a single position? Which kind of film is most likely to use high-key lighting? [Show More]

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