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PYC National Retail Federation Study Guide (2022/2023) Rated A+

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PYC National Retail Federation Study Guide (2022/2023) Rated A+ Assessing Customer Needs ✔✔Assist customer with finding the right match Customer Service ✔✔Learning about products and servic... es, Assessing customer needs, Educating your customer about products, and Meeting customer needs and providing ongoing support SAM ✔✔Suggest Additional Merchandise Shrinkage ✔✔the loss of products between point of manufacture or purchase from supplier and point of sale How should you learn about new products? ✔✔read labels and packaging info and test product What do you need to know about promotions? ✔✔Specific details like dates, discounts, where they will be advertised, what exactly is on sale POS ✔✔Point of Sale What two things should you state when answering the phone? ✔✔ You should never ___________ anything you can't deliver. ✔✔Promise What three things do you need to know when setting up a customer delivery? ✔✔Address, phone number, and best time to deliver How quickly should you greet a customer? ✔✔Within 3-4 seconds What type of questions help you best understand your customers' needs? ✔✔Open ended If your store does not offer a particular product or service, what is your FIRST option? ✔✔Find out if it can be special ordered What types of questions should you avoid? ✔✔Personal questions, bad timing, poor follow-up questions What is the best way to establish the perfect match for a customer? ✔✔Ask open ended questions to determine specific needs Besides presentations and demonstrations, what other resources can you use to learn about your product? ✔✔Manuals, warranties, and reviews How would you sell gourmet mustards through demonstration? ✔✔Provide samples and recipe options When should you ask for customer feedback? ✔✔Anytime when you could potentially get a repeat customer What are two things you could add to a cell phone? ✔✔Charger, case, screen protector, upgrade the plan What could you offer someone shopping for a friend who has no idea what they want, but know they like the store. ✔✔Gift card What are somethings you can do to "dress up" a gift card? ✔✔Wrap it, suggest a greeting card, suggest special gift card boxes Returned items should be viewed as an opportunity to better ______________ customers' needs ✔✔Understand and meet customers' needs You need some ways to promote flavored coffee. What can you do? ✔✔Provide samples or offer a discount What are three ways to follow up? ✔✔Thank you card, follow-up call, and email Besides name and address, what other important info should be in a client record? ✔✔Items they have purchased, when they need replacements, and upcoming needs A business card tells a customer that you are _________ about your work. ✔✔Serious Business cards should be neat, easy to read, and should include ______________. ✔✔Your professional contact info and availability Never ask for a customer's business card unless ____________________. ✔✔They offer it [Show More]

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