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NR exam 3|85 Questions with Answers 2023 a wave with a wavelength of 200 m is a ___ in a water depth of 50 m - CORRECT ANSWER transitional wave water in a wave moves along with the wave - CORR... ECT ANSWER false Wind provides the disturbing force for capillary waves. - CORRECT ANSWER true gravity provides the resisting force for most waves - CORRECT ANSWER true the wave __ is highest part of a wave - CORRECT ANSWER crest the ___ is the energy that tries to flatten a wave - CORRECT ANSWER restoring force ___ is the small amount of mass transport of water in the creation of a wave that continues to the movement of the wind from surface currents - CORRECT ANSWER stokes drift what produces swells - CORRECT ANSWER dispersion fetch - CORRECT ANSWER uninterrupted distance over which wind blows without a change in direction three factors that affect growth of wind waves are - CORRECT ANSWER wind strength wind duration fetch what describes the merging of two waves that results in a wave exceeding the size of each individual wave - CORRECT ANSWER constructure interference when a wind wave gets higher than maximum wave steepness it willl break and excess energy from the wind will be dissipated as turbulence which may be seen as whitecaps or combers - CORRECT ANSWER true standing waves result of - CORRECT ANSWER wave reflection what can be dangerous to underwater craft and oil platforms - CORRECT ANSWER seiche waves what characteristic of a tsunami allows it to pass unnoticed beneath ships at sea - CORRECT ANSWER lack of steepness what can cause a tsunami - CORRECT ANSWER landslide, underwater earthquake, volcanic eruption all undersea earthquakes trigger a tsunami - CORRECT ANSWER false what does tsunami mean in japanese - CORRECT ANSWER harbor wave what type of waves are tides - CORRECT ANSWER forced waves why does the moon have more of an impact on tides than the sun - CORRECT ANSWER moon closer to earth tides can have a wavelength of equal to half of earths circumference - CORRECT ANSWER true spring tides are seasonal tidal events - CORRECT ANSWER false moon and earth remain ina stable orbit due to their mutual gravitational attraction being offset by inertia - CORRECT ANSWER true name for tides caused by inertia and gravitational force of sun and moon - CORRECT ANSWER astronomical tides type of tidal pattern exists on east coast of us which experiences to high tides and two los tides of similar heights - CORRECT ANSWER semidiurnal determines velocity of tidal crest - CORRECT ANSWER ocean depth amphidronic point - CORRECT ANSWER node in center of ocean basin tidal bore occur under which condition - CORRECT ANSWER confining river mouth that forces the tide wave to move toward land at high speeds three main types of daily tides include - CORRECT ANSWER semidiurnal diurnal mixed convergent points in the world's ocean where no tides occur are - CORRECT ANSWER amphidronic points ___ is a time of no currents and occurs at high and low tides when the amount changes direction - CORRECT ANSWER slack water which variation in sea level are considered variations in eustatic sea level - CORRECT ANSWER volume in ocean may vary volume in ocean container may vary thermal expansion of ocean global longterm change in sea level - CORRECT ANSWER eustatic change melting sea ice has potential to raise sea level by several meters - CORRECT ANSWER false largest contribution to rise in sea level - CORRECT ANSWER warming of ocean surface waters what percentage of heat from global warming has been absorbed in the past 40 years - CORRECT ANSWER 93% true about sea level change - CORRECT ANSWER natural impacts coastal and oceanic ecosystems occurs over different time scales different causes global temp up - CORRECT ANSWER sea level up during non el nino years sea level is - CORRECT ANSWER higher in indonesia and australia when land is sinking it brings an apparent increase in sea levels while land rising brings a decrease - CORRECT ANSWER true name for a coast in which dominant processes are those that remove coastal material - CORRECT ANSWER erosional coasts coast with high erosional rates ___ where a coast with infrequent waves is ___ - CORRECT ANSWER high energy coast; low energy coast type of beach exist ona coastline covered with sea caves - CORRECT ANSWER erosional beach low energy coastlinecommonly found in areas along eastern edges of continents - CORRECT ANSWER false desltas present at every river mouth that brings sediment to broad continental shelf - CORRECT ANSWER false highest point on beach - CORRECT ANSWER berm crest coastal cells in southern cali are smaller due to location on an active leading edge of. a continent - CORRECT ANSWER true zone of loose particles that covers part or all of shore - CORRECT ANSWER beach the ___ is the active zone of beach washed by waves during daily rise and fall of tides - CORRECT ANSWER foreshore sediment desposited at ___ in a line down current of headland - CORRECT ANSWER sandspit most new sand on coast brought by - CORRECT ANSWER rivers most of atolls on earth exist in - CORRECT ANSWER pacific ring shaped island of coral - CORRECT ANSWER atoll linear masses of calcium carbonate assembled from coral animals - CORRECT ANSWER coral reefs floridas coast been extended by - CORRECT ANSWER mangroves factor determines location of coast - CORRECT ANSWER global tectonic activity us coastline considered depositional - CORRECT ANSWER 30% depositional coast - CORRECT ANSWER florida fjord - CORRECT ANSWER deep narrow bay modified by glaciers estuaries important bc - CORRECT ANSWER provide homes nursery areas filter pollutants hinder salt water intrusion into aquifers incrreasing salinity in estuary - CORRECT ANSWER tides drought in bay watershed likely cause water in bay to - CORRECT ANSWER decrease in salinity not a factor that leads to lowered sea level in mississippi delta - CORRECT ANSWER migrating delta lobes not impact eustatic change - CORRECT ANSWER sediment composition What is a heterotroph? - CORRECT ANSWER organism consumes food from other organisms food web illustrates? - CORRECT ANSWER trophic relationships photo and chemosynthesis organisms can be called either primary producers of heterotrophs bc they make their own food - CORRECT ANSWER false taxonomy is study of biological classification - CORRECT ANSWER true three domains of living things - CORRECT ANSWER archaea bacteria eukarya process by which light energy is used by organisms to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen - CORRECT ANSWER photosynthesis organisms who make their own food - CORRECT ANSWER autotrophs four elements that make up 99% of mass of all living things are - CORRECT ANSWER carbon hydrogen nitrogen oxygen phytoplankton responsible for how much of surface oceans carbohydrate production - CORRECT ANSWER btwn 90 and 96% phytoplankton classified as what type of organism - CORRECT ANSWER autotroph plankton - CORRECT ANSWER drift or weakly swim include organisms who make their own food nekton - CORRECT ANSWER free-swimming animals Cyarobacteria can photosynthesize deep in euphotic zone because absorb dim ___ light - CORRECT ANSWER blue what is frustule - CORRECT ANSWER The rigid cell wall of a diatom which characteristic distinguishes most dinoflagellates from diatoms and coccolithosphores - CORRECT ANSWER flagella process by which energy from a chemical reaction is transformed int light energy - CORRECT ANSWER bioluminescence times of high productivity which plankton are notable for making the surface water appear milky of chalky - CORRECT ANSWER cocoolithosphores what elemental compound comprises up to 95% of the mass of a diatoms cell wall - CORRECT ANSWER silica potential limiting factors for primary productivity - CORRECT ANSWER light and nutrients major source of nitrate to coastal waters - CORRECT ANSWER soil runoff where phytoplankton most productive - CORRECT ANSWER temperate continental shelves [Show More]

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