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AANP Board Questions & Answers-INR values below ____ increase stroke risk sixfold. - 2 What allergy contradicts the use of thiazide diuretics? - Sulfa Why should ACE-Is be avoided with renal stenosis?... - Leads to ARF Adverse effects of aldosterone antagonists (Aldactone) - Galactorrhea and hyperkalemia What are beta blocker indications? - HTN, post-MI< angina, arrhythmias, migraine prophylaxis, hyperthyroidism 1st line BP med for DM? - ACE or ARB Grapefruit juice should be avoided in what 1st line antihypertensive medication? - CCB Alternative antibiotic treatment for patients with gram positive baterial infections that are allergic to PCN: - macrolides Initial treatment of COPD - Ipratropium bromide (anticholinergic) 1st line treatment for gonorrheal infections - Rocephin IM Treatment of anthrax - Cipro 500mg BID 7-10 days Treatment of traveler's diarrhea - Cipro 500mg BID 3 days What can increase the risk of tendon rupture when on a quinolone? - age and steroids How long does ASA suppress platelet function? - up to 7 days What is the FDA category and dose of finasteride? - 5mg PO QD and category X What drug category should not be given with warfarin? - sulfa drugs When should routine screening for breast cancer start? - 40 If a patient had only one dose of the hep B vaccine what is recommended? - Do not restart series; Start with 2nd dose What is done if a patient has a tetanus-prone wound and an unknown vaccination status? [Show More]

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