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SOCS 350N Week 1 Assignment: Essay – Catapult to Success - Graded An A

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SOCS 350N Week 1 Assignment: Essay – Catapult to Success This study source was downloaded by 100000879074711 from on 0... 1-22-2024 17:57:46 GMT -06:00 Communication One of the most important aspects of a healthy Organizational Culture is effective communication with respect to sharing ideas and information within the organization (Turner, et al., 2010). The company should have policies and procedures in place on effective communication strategies, where information can be communicated to everyone in a hassle- free manner. For instance, I have noticed in my daily work that when we listen to people speaking to us and limit interruptions, they feel appreciated and a clear message is received. This allows for an improved work environment and ensures transparency a clear understanding and direction within the organization. Flexibility This is another major attribute that leads to a better employer employee relationship (Goodwin, 2017). Flexibility can be referred to as smart adaptability on part of the employer and employees. It involves adapting oneself to the changing needs of the situation without compromising on work quality or ethical behavior. For instance, flexibility on part of the employees ensure that they get to acquire new skills or gain knowledge on something outside the purview of their regular domain of work (Jeffrey Hill et al., 2008). The employers should be flexible enough to allow employees to take part in the decision-making process, keeping in mind the amendments articulated by them. Integrity Integrity is one of the primary skills, which an employee needs to have in order to succeed in a changing corporate environment (O’Neill et al., 2013). It is a disciplinary trait that boosts productivity and saves time. Integrity is based on the moral values of honesty and trust. For Instance, an effective Whistle Blower mechanism is based upon the pillars of integrity (Lee & Fargher, 2013). Integrity on the employees and employer ensures that corrupt practices are avoided in an organization and conducted with sound business This study source was downloaded by 100000879074711 from on 01-22-2024 17:57:46 GMT -06:00 principles. A culture of integrity leads to a superior workforce, something that upholds the transparent work culture in an organization. Ethical Behavior This is one of the most basic personality traits that an employer strives to seek among his employees (Smith & Mounter, 2008). Companies nowadays are not only driven by profit motive but also business ethics that provide them with great value proposition in the long run. A display of ethics includes honestly, politeness, self-motivation, responsibility and dependability. For example, ethical practices include not resorting to violent behavior or spreading false rumors at work. It enhances productivity and cooperation among the employees, thus contributing to business growth and happier employees. Ethical behavior has gained a lot of priority from company executives, thus promoting an unambiguous work culture (Lee & Fargher, 2013). Critical thinking skills Critical thinking skills comprise a detailed, informative, rational and logical analysis of a person’s self-thinking attitude (Gokhale, 2012). Critical thinking helps to interpret problem at work and takes remedial measures without resorting to excessive thinking. For instance: Critical thinking comes handy at time of exigencies, where traditional approach would be a failure or time consuming. It involves rational thinking and analytical reasoning based on facts available (Cottrell, 2017). It encourages creativity among the employees and promotes flexibility on part of the employees as well. It improved a person’s decision-making skills with an open-minded approach. This study source was downloaded by 100000879074711 from on 01-22-2024 17:57:46 GMT -06:00 References Cottrell, S. (2017). Critical thinking skills: Effective analysis, argument and reflection. The UK: Macmillan International Higher Education. Gokhale, A. A. (2012). Collaborative learning and critical thinking. Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning, 634-636. Goodwin, L. (2017). Light Intensity Activity in the Office-based Workplace: A Review of Supportive Strategies. Jeffrey Hill, E., Grzywacz, J. G., Allen, S., Blanchard, V. L., Matz-Costa, C., Shulkin, S., & Pitt-Catsouphes, M. (2008). Defining and conceptualizing workplace flexibility. Community, Work and Family, 11(2), 149-163. Lee, G., & Fargher, N. (2013). Companies’ use of whistle-blowing to detect fraud: An examination of corporate whistle-blowing policies. Journal of Business Ethics, 114(2), 283-295. O’Neill, T. A., Lee, N. M., Radan, J., Law, S. J., Lewis, R. J., & Carswell, J. J. (2013). The impact of “non-targeted traits” on personality test faking, hiring, and workplace deviance. Personality and Individual Differences, 55(2), 162-168. Smith, L., & Mounter, P. (2008). Effective internal communication. The UK: Kogan Page Publishers. Turner, T., Qvarfordt, P., Biehl, J. T., Golovchinsky, G., & Back, M. (2010). Exploring the workplace communication ecology. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on human factors in computing systems (pp. 841-850). ACM. This study source was downloaded by 100000879074711 from on 01-22-2024 17:57:46 GMT -06:00 [Show More]

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