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BIOS-255 Week 1 Assignment: Download To Pass Blood is the only liquid consisting of cells surrounded by a (plasma) There are formed elements in blood: 1. 2. 3. The plasma po... rtion of the blood consists of: , , and . FUNCTIONS OF BLOOD Blood oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, hormones, , and waste products. Blood homeostasis of all body fluids, , , and water content of cells. Blood against excessive loss by , and uses to protect against . FORMATION OF BLOOD CELLS ( ): is the process of producing ALL blood cells. : differentiate into each of the different types of blood cells. : are able to live for years while most other blood cells live for , , or . The number of and remains rather steady while that of varies depending on and other . RED BLOOD CELLS Red blood cells ( ) contain the protein that is used to carry some to all cells and to carry some to the lungs. Each hemoglobin contains an which allows each molecule to bind oxygen molecules. RBCs have no or other organelles and are . DRAW A RBC HERE: : is involved in and via the release of . NO causes , which improves blood flow and enhances delivery. RBCs also contain , which catalyzes the conversion of and to that transports about % of CO2 in the . + RBCs can live for about days. Dead cells are removed from the circulation by the and . : the productions of RBCs. : the hormone released by the in response to stimulates differentiation of into . : immature RBCs enter the circulation and mature in 1 to 2 days. WHITE BLOOD CELLS : contain and but no . Leukocytes are classified as: : containing vessels that appear when the cells are stained : containing no granules WBCs may live for or : their main function is to . ( ): is the process of WBCs leaving the to collect at sites of invasion. Elevation of WBC count usually indicates or . Low WBC count may develop due to . A WBC count will help determine if a problem exists. PLATELETS in red bone marrow splinters into fragments to create that contain many vesicles but no . Platelets are used to . Under the influence of the hormone , hemopoietic stem cells differentiate into platelets. Platelets survive for only days. are performed to replace cancerous red bone marrow w/ normal red bone marrow. The donor marrow can usually be collected from the of the hip bone. HEMOSTASIS : is a sequence of responses that stop bleeding. The process involves steps: 1. 2. 3. Blood clotting involves several . Blood clotting can be activated in one of two ways: pathway pathway Both pathways lead to the formation of and there they enter the pathway. BLOOD GROUPS AND BLOOD TYPES Blood plasma usually contains ( ) that react with or antigens. An individual will not have against his or her own blood type. DRAW SAMPLE BLOOD TYPING HERE Typing and are performed in order to determine a person’s . A drop of blood is mixed with an that will blood cells that possess agglutinogens that react with it. At birth, a small amount of fetal blood will leak into the maternal circulation. If the baby is and the mother is , she will develop to the Rh factor. During the next pregnancy with an baby, the mother will transfer to the fetus. Those will attack some of the fetus’ RBCs causing agglutination and . This is a disease known as . DISORDERS: HOMEOSTATIC IMBALANCES : is a genetic anemia (O2-carrying capacity of the blood is reduced. The RBCs of individuals with this disease contain ( ), which causes the RBC to bend into a shape when it gives up to the . [Show More]

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