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SOCS 350 Week 1 Assignment: Let’s Be Lefties for a Day - Download For An A+

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SOCS 350 Week 1 Assignment: Let’s Be Lefties for a Day Cultural, ethnic, and gender differences are very important to understanding in a business and this is beca... use it can be a concern for many people in the business. Cultural differences in the workplace are basically like the experiment we did this week in class. Cultural diversity is basically to be different from others. Ethnic differences are also known as ethnic diversity. Ethnic diversity is basically different ethnicities working together as a team to make the organization a better place. Ethnic differences are important for managers and business professionals to know because it is illegal. Gender differences in a business are also very important but it is pretty basic to understand. Gender diversity is having male and female employees working in the same business and doing the same jobs for the same pay (Bell, M. 2007, Pages 38 and 42). All three of these differences are also called diversities but if not obliged by the laws they are illegal. Cultural, ethnic, and gender diversities are quite important for a business and to the managers because they can help the organization to grow. In this week’s assignment of being lefty’s for a morning I feel as though I learned a little but I actually got to experience for a little while what it is like to be my son for a day. My son only has his right hand and he is two so this experiment helped me see what a difference life can be without the use of my right hand. I depend on my right hand a lot but also I learned that I can do quite a bit with only my left. I did find that doing homework with only one hand can be a little bit more difficult because there were more misspelled words and there were actually a couple pages torn in my book. Doing day to day activities were also a little more difficult as far as cooking and cleaning go in my morning rush. I feel a little disappointed in myself because I do not feel like left handed people are at a disadvantage. I hate to say it but I feel like they have become accustomed to the right handed world. Sure things may be a little more difficult but usually they have grown up doing things the right handed way so this is when they are ambidextrous and they can use both hands equally. I do feel like life without the hand is definitely more difficult though. Also this for me was a big part of the cultural diversity. This was something that is different from normal and that is what cultural differences are. This may is also very important in the workforce because many cultures see things differently compared to how we as Americans see things. For instance I know that in some cultures it is disrespectful for you to look at someone in the eyes. In America we see something like looking into a person’s eyes as a part of body language. If you are not looking into the other person’s eyes as you are talking the other person may think you are trying to hide something. This is important for a manager or a business professional to know in the business setting because they may not be trying to hide something it may be part of their culture. Ethnic differences is important for managers and professionals in a business setting because it is highly illegal to discriminate against someone due to their ethnic background (Bell, M. 2007, Page 42). Not only is it illegal for a manager or a business professional to behave differently or treat a person differently because of their ethnics but it is called discrimination and this kind of action can have grave dangers related to the business. For instance lawsuits can be filed and companies can lose a lot of money but these business professionals and managers can lose their jobs and possibly not be hired back for another company. So for the sake of the company and the sake of their wallets and well being all companies should be sure to stay ethnically diverse. Gender differences are also very important for managers and business professionals to know and fully understand. This is because gender differences are very important as far as pay, job positions, and harassment purposes (Bell, M. 2007, Page 43). Gender differences can go from hiring, and firing employees, to promotions and other commonly recognized areas of employment (Bell, M. 2007, Page 43). Gender differences are not allowed it is illegal under Title VII (Bell, M. 2007, Page 43). Gender differences are very important for managers to know because it can harm the well being of the company. It is important to have a diverse group of employees who are both male and female. In conclusion diversity is one of the most important things a business can have. It keeps management and business professionals out of trouble, but it also helps the organization. This is because a diverse group of people have more resources in my opinion. A larger background of people whom work for a company is not a bad thing. It is very important for business professionals, managers, and anyone who is working in a business to understand cultural, ethnic, and gender diversities because they can help the organization to grow and reach new places that maybe are not possible if everyone in the business looked, dressed, and thought the exact same ways. References Bell, M. (2007) Diversity in Organizations. Chapter 1 – Introduction. Page 38. South Western Cengage Learning. Mason, OH. Bell, M. (2007) Diversity in Organizations. Chapter 2 – Legislation. Page 42. South Western Cengage Learning. Mason, OH. Bell, M. (2007) Diversity in Organizations Chapter 2 – Legislation. Page 43. South Western Cengage Learning. Mason, OH. [Show More]

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