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NR 326 Mental Health Exam 2 Study Guide (NEW) Complete Guide

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All the highlighted portions are in there Mental Health Exam 2 Review How and when can you delegate care? Therapeutic nurse-client relationship - Do: - Allow client to control the discussion - G... ive recognition/validation - Active listening - Use open-ended question - Example: - Is there something you would like to talk about? - Tell me more about that - So you are saying you haven’t been sleeping well? - Tell me about - Dont: - ask why - ask too many questions - give advice - give false reassurance - change the conversation topic - give approval or disapproval - use close-ended questions/statements Examples: - Don’t worry - I think you should - Dont be silly - Thats great Referrals to health care professionals - 12 step program, therapy, psychiatrist, case manager, home health, community mental health services, partial hospitalization Transference and countertransference Transference vs. countertransference (always negative no matter what) - Transference → what happens when a patient feels a certain way about a nurse. EX: The nurse reminds the pt of someone they don’t like (the pt may treat the nurse unfairly) - Countertransference → Feels that the nurse feels some type of way to the patient? EX: The patient reminds the nurse of someone they don't like (nurse may treat that pt unfairly) What can you do when a client refuses tx? -teach pt what will happen if they do not take med, why this med is being given, Restraints: Temporary release is required for basic needs but doesn't discontinue the restraint Give them a trail release and discontinue as soon as possible. -All means have been tried (last resort option) -redirection, meds, de-escalation, therapeutic communication, family being there (can't be a trigger), closer to nurse station/ room assignment change, -reinstate q 4hrs for adult -reinstate q 2hrs 9-17 years old -reinstate q1hr 8 & under Nursing Care- check skin integrity, basic needs, ABC’s, Nutrition, COmfort, toileting, ROM, assess mood/ behavior change, check bony prominences, check q 15 min Children- Keep parents notified as to why this happened and current behavior of child 3 kinds of restraints 1. Chemical = benzos [lam/pam] and antipsychotics [haldol, ativan, geodon] 2. Seclusion = restricting their movement 3. Physical = violent patient Cannot threaten pt with restraints (“If you don't do , we’ll have to put you in restraints”) Improving medication compliance Once daily dosage versus multiple. IM injections at the clinic. Someone handling it for them Reflective communication - helps assist the client with identifying emotions and ideas [Show More]

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