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NR228 Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Week 2 Study guide--Chapters 4, 7, 8

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Carbohydrate: Chapter 4: Carbohydrates a) They are a convenient and economical source of calories for people throughout the world. b) Carbohydrates are composed of organic compounds composed of car... bon, hydrogen, and oxygen. i. The compounds consist of: 1. Simple carbohydrates like glucose and sucrose. 2. Complex carbohydrates like starch and dietary fiber. 2. What is the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) and Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range (AMDR) for carbohydrates? a) DRI: 130g/day for adults ages 19 to 30. b) AMDR: 45% to 65% kcal intake per day, which come from primary complex carbohydrates. 3. According to your book Chapter 4 paragraph 3, what are the recommended average daily servings for carbohydrates a) Three quarters of MyPlate consist of foods that are excellent sources of carbs, which are vegetables, fruits and grains. i. 2 cups of fruits ii. 2 ½ cups of vegetables iii. 6 oz. of grains (at least ½ being whole grain, which provides an adequate amount of complex carbohydrates) [Show More]

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