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Charles Simic (1938 – present) Yugoslavia University of the People - PHIL 1402 Written Assignment Unit 2

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Charles Simic (1938 – present) Yugoslavia This article discusses Charles Simic as the Philosopher of my choice and gives his biological description. Also, the paper contains a detailed era and cul... ture within which Charles Simic was influenced. Finally, the article highlights the reasons that made me select him as my preferred Philosopher. Bio Charles Simic was born on 9th, May 1938 in Yugoslavia. His childhood was traumatic due to the events of the Second World War (Tikkanen, n.d.). In the accompaniment of his brother and mother, they left Yugoslavia in 1954 and moved to the United States where his father lived. He published his first poems at the age of 21 years (Drew, n.d.). In 1966, he graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree. He published his first collection of poems entitled; “What the Grass Says”, in 1967 and since then he has done more than sixty publications and won numerous awards. Era & Culture Charles Simic was born and partially raised in Yugoslavia during the Second World War. In his childhood, he witnessed brutal killings, rape cases as well as torture amongst other forms of violence. The liberation from the war came when he was aged seven years, although there were some tensions for a couple of years. Despite the stubbornness of the authorities, Simic together with his family eventually made their way to the United States. While in the States, he was pushed into a culture where everything was plentiful, and there was liberty. Being young and having been familiarized with a good life, he was drawn back into the war although this time he was from the other side. Particularly, he became a soldier and had to deal with the locals who did not want them in the States (Laureate, n.d.). In the 60's he went back home to a world that [Show More]

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