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A Constructivist Approach to Turbine Design University of the PeopleEDUC 5210EDUC 5210 Written Assignment Unit 3

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The Lesson The lesson being presented is a fourth grade adaptation of wind energy turbine design. The content falls in our science standards and it is an opportunity to experiment in a science expl... oration that meets multiple standards. I have equipment to allow small groups to work on various solutions. There are a number of lessons available online but most are designed for the junior high or high school level. Students will be working in small teams to design a turbine for a wind generator. Teams will test and make adjustments in an attempt to build the most efficient turbine. The lesson will conclude with a lift challenge to allow students to determine the difference in design needed to lift compared to the generation of electricity. The teacher will set up the testing center to maintain the scientific validity. For foundational information on the lesson look at some of the materials available at Constructivism In order to modify the content for the fourth grade ideas reflected by constructivism will be incorporated. The lesson will be rewritten with the needed changes noted to make it meet the needs for a middle elementary classroom. Assessment The lesson as written assumes a number of skills that would be reasonable for a high school student but for my students I will employ “ILPE”. In a constructivist lesson we need to know the level of understanding of the students and Investigating Learners’ Previous Experiences (ILPE) is the method that provides the assessment of existing knowledge(Bobby, 2020). This step will require familiarity with the wind turbine experiment and thoughtful creating of assessments. An example of a skill needed in the design process is the use of measuring blade angles. The assessment could be paper and protractor or it could involve a simple construction of a roof with [Show More]

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