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1 — Water Recognize the breakdown of water on Earth. Choose the true statement about water on Earth.  a.) The majority of freshwater is contained in the ocean.  b.) A large percentage of t... he Earth’s freshwater is accessible to humans.  c.) Approximately 80% of the water on Earth can be found in oceans.  d.) Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface. 2 — Water Supply: Groundwater Identify where fresh drinking water is located and how humans can access it. Which of the following statements about groundwater is NOT true?  a.) Groundwater provides most of the drinking water consumed by humans.  b.) Lining and sealing wells can protect groundwater from biological or chemical contamination.  c.) Roads built by humans enable water to soak into the earth.  d.) Chemical fertilizer runoff is a common source of groundwater contamination. 3 — Water Supply: Dams Determine the benefits and impacts of dams. Which of the following is an argument for the removal of dams?  a.) Biodiversity will decrease upon a dam’s removal, but species will soon return.  b.) The region’s growing population is placing an increased demand on water supplies.  c.) Dam removal will result in an increase in hydroelectric power in the short term.  d.) We must restore water flow to improve animal habitat and promote biodiversity. 4 — Water Availability Recognize issues related to the availability of water. Which of the following statements is true about water supply and demand?  a.) Water use has been growing at five times the rate of population growth.  b.) The amount of available clean water is increasing due to technology.  c.) Agriculture uses 90% of readily available freshwater.  d.) Many major aquifers have reduced levels of available water [Show More]

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