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HESI A2 grammar practice questions

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which word is used incorrectly in the following sentence? "After rapidly consume that enormous meal, he felt a bit dyspeptic." (A) rapidly (B) consume (C) felt (D) dyspeptic - ANSWER consume wh... at punctuation is needed in this sentence to make it correct? "Dr. Abrams came here from England he has only been in Delaware for one year." (A) comma (B) semicolon (C) colon (D) hyphen - ANSWER semicolon select the word that makes this sentence grammatically correct. "Few students were able to complete the assignment in the allotted time; _______ the professor gave them an additional week in which to do the work." (A) despite (B) in fact (C) therefore (D) conversely - ANSWER therefore what word is best to substitute for the underlined words in the following sentence? "You can here THE NURSES' laughter all the way down the hallway." (A) his (B) hers (C) them (D) their - ANSWER their [Show More]

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