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1) Which of the following statements are useful visual radiators? Wall of frame to recognize the associates. Key failurepoints and important rules & regulations on digital/whiteboard to keep the ass... ociates aware and alert key events and happening on digital display/whiteboard to keep the associates informed All of the Above (Ans) 2) Which of the following is not a benefit of visualization of work Reduced inflow of work items (Ans) Reduced status reporting overhead Quick identification of blocked items Reduced cycle time of work item 3) What is the most effective way to identify improvement opportunities for Value log? Automation team analyzes work items and identifies improvement opportunities Performance Improvement (PI) Champion performs Value Stream Mapping and identifies improvement opportunities Every Team member constantly questions. "Is there a better way to do our work?",and identifies improvement opportunities (Ans) Team members wait for the management to set up ideation events and then identify improvement opportunities 4) Which of the following is not true about Value Maximization Scrum? Composition of scrum can change for each sprint depending on the Value Log opportunities selected for that sprint BAU remains the top priority and the team works on the value log opportunities without impacting BAU scrum teams members full time everyday on the value log opportunities (Ans) scrum teams members make a little time everyday to work on value log opportunities 5) Survey Q, Non-scoring: what benefits are you experiencing with agile for CBO? Select all that apply. This study source was downloaded by 100000841689952 from on 08-01-2022 02:16:08 GMT -05:00 Agile E1 (CBO) 60566 I feel more happy and empowered (Ans) I feel more productive (Ans) I feel better team spirit (Ans) I am able to see the big picture of my work (Ans) I don't see any benefits 6) Which of the following is the least important consideration while forming a value maximization scrum? A) Associate's years of experience (Ans) B) value log entries selected for the sprint C) potential impact on BAU D) associate's skills 7) Who can add entries to value log? select the correct option(s) and click Submit. Performance Improvement (PI) Champion SMEs of the Team Team Lead Anyone in the team (Ans) 8) Which of the following is not an intended outcome of collective work management? A team who makes all the decisions and a Lead who does not monitor the team (Ans) A team that is empowered & motivated,and a Lead who acts as a mentor A team that is self-organized and a Lead who acts as a facilitator A team that collaborates well and a Lead who acts as a servant leader 9) What should you do when you receive a brief communication that the format of input files will change from next month? a.) understand the change by getting the details of the change as well as a sample input file in the new format b.) align your people (eg. training), process(e.g sops), and technology (e.g tool configuration) in [Show More]

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