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Hesi 2020 exit V2 answered; attempt score 100% distinction level verified.

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2020 Hesi exit v 2 1. The nurse knows that which statement by the mother indicates that the mother understands safety precautions with her four month-old infant and her 4 year-old child? A) "I st... rap the infant car seat on the front seat to face backwards." B) "I place my infant in the middle of the living room floor on a blanket to play with my 4 year old while I make supper in the kitchen." C) "My sleeping baby lies so cute in the crib with the little buttocks stuck up in the air while the four year old naps on the sofa." D) "I have the 4 year-old hold and help feed the four month-old a bottle in the kitchen while I make supper." 154. A nurse is providing care to a 17 year-old client in the post-operative care unit (PACU) after an emergency appendectomy. Which finding is an early indication that the client is experiencing poor oxygenation? A) Abnormal breath sounds B) Cyanosis of the lips C) Increasing pulse rate D) Pulse oximeter reading of 92% 149. A nurse entering the room of a postpartum mother observes the baby lying at the edge of the bed while the woman sits in a chair. The mother states," This is not my baby, and I do not want it." The nurse's best response is A) "This is a common occurrence after birth, but you will come to accept the baby." B) "Many women have postpartum blues and need some time to love the baby." C) "What a beautiful baby! Her eyes are just like yours." D) "You seem upset; tell me what the pregnancy and birth were like for you." 150. Which of the following times is a depressed client at highest risk for attempting suicide? A) Immediately after admission, during one-to-one observation B) 7 to 14 days after initiation of antidepressant medication and psychotherapy C) Following an angry outburst with family D) When the client is removed from the security room 151. A man diagnosed with epididymitis 2 days ago calls the nurse at a health clinic to discuss the problem. What information is most important for the nurse to ask about at this time? A) What are you taking for pain and does it provide total relief? B) What does the skin on the testicles look and feel like? C) Do you have any questions about your care? D) Did you know a consequence of epididymitis is infertility? 152. A client has had heart failure. Which intervention is most important for the nurse to implement prior to the initial administration of Digoxin to this client? A) Assess the apical pulse, counting for a full 60 seconds B) Take a radial pulse, counting for a full 60 seconds C) Use the pulse reading from the electronic blood pressure device D) Check for a pulse deficit 153. A client is admitted with a tentative diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Which of the following assessments would the nurse expect to be consistent with this problem? A) Chest pain B) Pallor C) Inspiratory crackles D) Heart murmur 156. A client who was medicated with meperidine hydrochloride (Demerol) 100 mg and hydroxyzine hydrochloride (Vistaril Intramuscular) 50 mg IM for pain related to a fractured lower right leg 1 hour ago reports that the pain is getting worse. The nurse should recognize that the client may be developing which complication? A) Acute compartment syndrome B) Thromboemolitic complications C) Fatty embolism D) Osteomyelitis 155. Which order can be associated with the prevention of atelectasis and pneumonia in a client with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? A) Active and passive range of motion exercises twice a day B) Every 4 hours incentive spirometer C) Chest physiotherapy twice a day D) Repositioning every 2 hours around the clock 157. The nurse is assessing an 8 month-old child with atonic cerebral palsy. Which statement from the mother supports the presence of this problem? A) When I put my finger in the left hand the baby doesn't respond with a grasp. B) My baby doesn't seem to follow when I shake toys in front of the face. C) When it thundered loudly last night the baby didn't even jump. D) When I put the baby in a back lying position that's how I find the baby. 158. Which statements by the client would indicate to the nurse an understanding of the issues with end stage renal disease? A) I have to go at intervals for epoetin (Procrit) injections at the health department. B) I know I have a high risk of clot formation since my blood is thick from too many red cells. C) I expect to have periods of little water with voiding and then sometimes to have a lot of water. D) My bones will be stronger with this disease since I will have higher calcium than normal. 159. The nurse is caring for a client with uncontrolled hypertension. Which findings require priority nursing action? A) Lower extremity pitting edema B) Rales C) Jugular vein distension D) Weakness in left arm 132. What assessment data should the nurse obtain next? A) Status of the eyes and the tongue B) Description of play activity C) History of fluid intake D) Dietary patterns 2. Upon completing the admission documents, the nurse learns that the 87 year-old client does not have an advance directive. What action should the nurse take? A) Record the information on the chart B) Give information about advance directives C) Assume that this client wishes a full code D) Refer this issue to the unit secretary 100. The nurse is caring for a 17 month-old with acetaminophen poisoning. Which of the following lab reports should the nurse review first? A) Protime (PT) and partial thromboplastin time (PTT) B) Red blood cell and white blood cell counts C) Blood urea nitrogen and creatinine clearance D) Liver enzymes (AST and ALT) 110. A client has returned to the unit following a renal biopsy. Which of the following nursing interventions is appropriate? A) Ambulate the client 4 hours after procedure B) Maintain client on NPO status for 24 hours C) Monitor vital signs D) Change dressing every 8 hours 109. During the check up of a 2 month-old infant at a well baby clinic, the mother expresses concern to the nurse because a flat pink birthmark on the baby's forehead and eyelid has not gone away. What is an appropriate response by the nurse? A) "Mongolian spots are a normal finding in dark-skinned children." B) "Port wine stains are often associated with other malformations." C) "Telangiectatic nevi are normal and will disappear as the baby grows." D) "The child is too young for consideration of surgical removal of these at this time." 108. A client receiving chlorpromazine HCL (Thorazine) is in psychiatric home care. During a home visit the nurse observes the client smacking her lips alternately with grinding her teeth. The nurse recognizes this assessment finding as what? A) Dystonia B) Akathesia C) Brady dysknesia D) Tardive dyskinesia 107. The nurse admits a 7 year-old to the emergency room after a leg injury. The x-rays show a femur fracture near the epiphysis. The parents ask what will be the outcome of this injury. The appropriate response by the nurse should be which of these statements? A) "The injury is expected to heal quickly because of thin periosteum." B) "In some instances the result is a retarded bone growth." C) "Bone growth is stimulated in the affected leg." D) "This type of injury shows more rapid union than that of younger children 106. The nurse is caring for a 4 year-old 2 hours after tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Which of the following assessments must be reported immediately? A) Vomiting of dark emesis B) Complaints of throat pain C) Apical heart rate of 110 D) Increased restlessness 105. When caring for a client receiving warfarin sodium (Coumadin), which lab test would the nurse monitor to determine therapeutic reponse to the drug? A) Bleeding time B) Coagulation time C) Prothrombin time D) Partial thromboplastin time 104. The mother of a 2 year-old hospitalized child asks the nurse's advice about the child's screaming every time the mother gets ready to leave the hospital room. What is the best response by the nurse? A) "I think you or your partner needs to stay with the child while in the hospital." B) "Oh, that behavior will stop in a few days." C) "Keep in mind that for the age this is a normal response to being in the hospital." D) "You might want to "sneak out" of the room once the child falls asleep." 103. The nurse is planning care for a 3 month-old infant immediately postoperative following placement of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt for hydrocephalus. The nurse needs to A) Assess for abdominal distention B) Maintain infant in an upright position C) Begin formula feedings when infant is alert D) Pump the shunt to assess for proper function 102. The nurse instructs the client taking dexamethasone (Decadron) to take it with food or milk. What is the physiological basis for this instruction? A) Retards pepsin production B) Stimulates hydrochloric acid production C) Slows stomach emptying time D) Decreases production of hydrochloric acid 101. The nurse is teaching parents about diet for a 4 month-old infant with gastroenteritis and mild dehydration. In addition to oral rehydration fluids, the diet should include A) Formula or breast milk B) Broth and tea C) Rice cereal and apple juice D) Gelatin and ginger ale 99. What finding signifies that children have attained the stage of concrete operations (Piaget)? A) Explores the environment with the use of sight and movement B) Thinks in mental images or word pictures C) Makes the moral judgement that "stealing is wrong" D) Reasons that homework is time-consuming yet necessary 98. A client with moderate persistent asthma is admitted for a minor surgical procedure. On admission the peak flow meter is measured at 480 liters/minute. Post-operatively the client is complaining of chest tightness. The peak flow has dropped to 200 liters/minute. What should the nurse do first? A) Notify the health care provider B) Administer the PRN dose of Albuterol C) Apply oxygen at 2 liters per nasal cannula D) Repeat the peak flow reading in 30 minutes 97. A 3 year-old child diagnosed as having celiac disease attends a day care center. Which of the following would be an appropriate snack? A) Cheese crackers B) Peanut butter sandwich C) Potato chips D) Vanilla cookies 96. The nurse is planning care for a 14 year-old client returning from scoliosis corrective surgery. Which of the following actions should receive priority in the plan? A) Antibiotic therapy for 10 days B) Teach client isometric exercises for legs C) Assess movement and sensation of extremities D) Assist to stand up at bedside within the first 24 hours 95. Which of the following findings contraindicate the use of haloperidol (Haldol) and warrant withholding the dose? A) Drowsiness, lethargy, and inactivity B) Dry mouth, nasal congestion, and blurred vision C) Rash, blood dyscrasias, severe depression D) Hyperglycemia, weight gain, and edema 94. The nurse is teaching parents about accidental poisoning in children. Which point should be emphasized? A) Call the Poison Control Center once the situation is identified B) Empty the child's mouth in any case of possible poisoning C) Have the child move minimally if a toxic substance was inhaled D) Do not induce vomiting if the poison is a hydrocarbon 93. An 8 year-old child is hospitalized during the edema phase of minimal change nephrotic syndrome. The nurse is assisting in choosing the lunch menu. Which menu is the best choice? A) Bologna sandwich, pudding, milk B) Frankfurter, baked potato, milk C) Chicken strips, corn on the cob, milk D) Grilled cheese sandwich, apple, milk 92. The nurse is reinforcing teaching to a 24 year-old woman receiving acyclovir (Zovirax) for a Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 infection. Which of these instructions should the nurse give the client? A) Complete the entire course of the medication for an effective cure B) Begin treatment with acyclovir at the onset of symptoms of recurrence C) Stop treatment if she thinks she may be pregnant to prevent birth defects D) Continue to take prophylactic doses for at least 5 years after the diagnosis 91. The nurse is caring for a client who is post-op following a thoracotomy. The client has 2 chest tubes in place, connected to 1 chest drain. The nursing assessment reveals bubbling in the water seal chamber when the client coughs. What is the most appropriate nursing action? A) Clamp the chest tube B) Call the surgeon immediately C) Continue to monitor the client to see if the bubbling increases D) Instruct the client to try to avoid coughing 90. An 8 year-old client is admitted to the hospital for surgery. The child's parent reports the following allergies. Of these allergies which one should all health care personnel be aware of? A) Shellfish B) Molds C) Balloons D) Perfumed soap 89. The nurse is planning discharge for a 90 year-old client with musculoskeletal weakness. Which intervention should be included in the plan and would be most effective for the prevention of falls? A) Place nightlight in the bedroom B) Wear eyeglasses at all times C) Install grab bars in the bathroom D) Teach muscle strengthening exercises 87. The mother of a 3 month-old infant tells the nurse that she wants to change from formula to whole milk and add cereal and meats to the diet. What should be emphasized as the nurse teaches about infant nutrition? A) Solid foods should be introduced at 3-4 months B) Whole milk is difficult for a young infant to digest C) Fluoridated tap water should be used to dilute milk D) Supplemental apple juice can be used between feedings 88. The nurse is assessing a 55 year-old female client who is scheduled for abdominal surgery. Which of the following information would indicate that the client is at risk for thrombus formation in the post-operative period? A) Estrogen replacement therapy B) 10% less than ideal body weight C) Hypersensitivity to heparin D) History of hepatitis 86. Lactulose (Chronulac) has been prescribed for a client with advanced liver disease. Which of the following assessments would the nurse use to evaluate the effectiveness of this treatment? A) An increase in appetite B) A decrease in fluid retention C) A decrease in lethargy D) A reduction in jaundice 85. The nurse is caring for a client with a colostomy. During a teaching session, the nurse recommends that the pouch be emptied A) When it is 1/3 to 1/2 full B) Prior to meals C) After each fecal elimination D) At the same time each day 84. A client had 20 mg of Lasix (furosemide) PO at 10 AM. Which would be essential for the nurse to include at the change of shift report? A) The client lost 2 pounds in 24 hours B) The client's potassium level is 4 mEq/liter. C) The client's urine output was 1500 cc in 5 hours D) The client is to receive another dose of Lasix at 10 PM 83. A client is admitted with a right upper lobe infiltrate and to rule out tuberculosis. The most appropriate action by the nurse to protect the self would be which of these? A) Negative room ventilation B) Face mask with sheild C) Particulate respirator mask D) Airborne precautions 82. A client is recovering from a thyroidectomy. While monitoring the client's initial post operative condition, which of the following should the nurse report immediately? A) Tetany and paresthesia B) Mild stridor and hoarseness C) Irritability and insomnia D) Headache and nausea 81. A client diagnosed with hepatitis C discusses his health history with the admitting nurse. The nurse should recognize which statement by the client as the most important? A) I got back from Central America a few weeks ago. B) I had the best raw oysters last week. C) I have many different sex partners. D) I had a blood transfusion 15 years ago. 80. A client with a documented pulmonary embolism has the following arterial blood gases: PO2 - 70 mm hg, PCO2 - 32 mm hg, pH - 7.45, SaO2 - 87%, HCO3 - 22. Based on this data, what is the first nursing action? A) Review other lab data B) Notify the health care provider C) Administer oxygen D) Calm the client 79. The nurse is caring for a client with sickle cell disease who is scheduled to receive a unit of packed red blood cells. Which of the following is an appropriate action for the nurse when administering the infusion? A) Storing the packed red cells in the medicine refrigerator while starting IV B) Slow the rate of infusion if the client develops fever or chills C) Limit the infusion time of each of the unit to a maximum of 4 hours D) Assess vital signs every 15 minutes throughout the entire infusion 78. The nurse is preparing a handout on infant feeding to be distributed to families visiting the clinic. Which notation should be included in the teaching materials? A) Solid foods are introduced 1 at a time beginning with cereal B) Finely ground meat should be started early to provide iron C) Egg white is added early to increase protein intake D) Solid foods should be mixed with formula in a bottle 77. A client is scheduled for an IVP (Intravenous Pyelogram). Which of the following data from the client's history indicate a potential hazard for this test? A) Reflex incontinence B) Allergic to shellfish C) Claustrophobia D) Hypertension 76. When parents call the emergency room to report that a toddler has swallowed drain cleaner, the nurse instructs them to call for emergency transport to the hospital. While waiting for an ambulance, the nurse would suggest for the parents to give sips of which substance? A) Tea B) Water C) Milk D) Soda 75. Which of the following manifestations observed by the school nurse confirms the presence of pediculosis capitis in students? A) Scratching the head more than usual B) Flakes evident on a student's shoulders C) Oval pattern occipital hair loss D) Whitish oval specks sticking to the hair 74. The nurse is teaching an elderly client how to use MDI's (multi-dose inhalers). The nurse is concerned that the client is unable to coordinate the release of the medication with the inhalation phase. What is the nurse's best recommendation to improve delivery of the medication? A) Nebulized treatments for home care B) Adding a spacer device to the MDI canister C) Asking a family member to assist the client with the MDI D) Request a visiting nurse to follow the client at home 73. A 2 year-old child is brought to the health care provider's office with a chief complaint of mild diarrhea for 2 days. Nutritional counseling by the nurse should include which statement? A) Place the child on clear liquids and gelatin for 24 hours B) Continue with the regular diet and include oral rehydration fluids C) Give bananas, apples, rice and toast as tolerated D) Place NPO for 24 hours, then rehydrate with milk and water 72. The nurse is preparing the teaching plan for a group of parents about risks to toddlers. The nurse plans to explain proper communication in the event of accidental poisoning. The nurse should plan to tell the parents to first state what substance was ingested and then what information should be the priority for the parents to communicate? A) The parents' name and telephone number B) The currency of the immunization and allergy history of the child C) The estimated time of the accidental poisoning and a confirmation that the parents will bring the containers of the ingested substance D) The affected child's age and weight 71. Which serum blood findings with diabetic ketoacidosis alerts the nurse that immediate action is required? A) pH below 7.3 B) Potassium of 5.0 C) HCT of 60 D) Pa O2 of 79% 51. A nurse is providing a parenting class to individuals living in a community of older homes. In discussing formula preparation, which of the following is most important to prevent lead poisoning? A) Use ready-to-feed commercial infant formula B) Boil the tap water for 10 minutes prior to preparing the formula C) Let tap water run for 2 minutes before adding to concentrate D) Buy bottled water labeled "lead free" to mix the formula 3. A nurse administers the influenza vaccine to a client in a clinic. Within 15 minutes after the immunization was given, the client complains of itchy and watery eyes, increased anxiety, and difficulty breathing. The nurse expects that the first action in the sequence of care for this client will be to A) Maintain the airway B) Administer epinephrine 1:1000 as ordered C) Monitor for hypotension with shock D) Administer diphenhydramine as ordered 53. The nurse explains an autograft to a client scheduled for excision of a skin tumor. The nurse knows the client understands the procedure when the client says, "I will receive tissue from... A) a tissue bank." B) a pig." C) my thigh." D) synthetic skin." 54. The nurse is caring for a newborn with tracheoesophageal fistula. Which nursing diagnosis is a priority? A) Risk for dehydration B) Ineffective airway clearance C) Altered nutrition D) Risk for injury 55. A client has been hospitalized after an automobile accident. A full leg cast was applied in the emergency room. The most important reason for the nurse to elevate the casted leg is to A) Promote the client's comfort B) Reduce the drying time C) Decrease irritation to the skin D) Improve venous return 52. A client is admitted to the rehabilitation unit following a CVA and mild dysphagia. The most appropriate intervention for this client is A) Position client in upright position while eating B) Place client on a clear liquid diet C) Tilt head back to facilitate swallowing reflex D) Offer finger foods such as crackers or pretzels 4. Which of these children at the site of a disaster at a child day care center would the triage nurse put in the "treat last" category? A) An infant with intermittent bulging anterior fontanel between crying episodes B) A toddler with severe deep abrasions over 98% of the body C) A preschooler with 1 lower leg fracture and the other leg with an upper leg fracture D) A school-age child with singed eyebrows and hair on the arms 5. When admitting a client to an acute care facility, an identification bracelet is sent up with the admission form. In the event these do not match, the nurse's best action is to A) Change whichever item is incorrect to the correct information B) Use the bracelet and admission form until a replacement is supplied C) Notify the admissions office and wait to apply the bracelet D) Make a corrected identification bracelet for the client 6. The nurse is having difficulty reading the health care provider's written order that was written right before the shift change. What action should be taken? A) Leave the order for the oncoming staff to follow-up B) Contact the charge nurse for an interpretation C) Ask the pharmacy for assistance in the interpretation D) Call the provider for clarification 7. An adult client is found to be unresponsive on morning rounds. After checking for responsiveness and calling for help, the next action that should be taken by the nurse is to: A) check the carotid pulse B) deliver 5 abdominal thrusts C) give 2 rescue breaths D) open the client's airway 8. A client has an order for 1000 ml of D5W over an 8 hour period. The nurse discovers that 800 ml has been infused after 4 hours. What is the priority nursing action? A) Ask the client if there are any breathing problems B) Have the client void as much as possible C) Check the vital signs D) Auscultate the lungs 9. Following change-of-shift report on an orthopedic unit, which client should the nurse see first? A) 16 year-old who had an open reduction of a fractured wrist 10 hours ago B) 20 year-old in skeletal traction for 2 weeks since a motor cycle accident C) 72 year-old recovering from surgery after a hip replacement 2 hours ago D) 75 year-old who is in skin traction prior to planned hip pinning surgery. 10. A nurse observes a family member administer a rectal suppository by having the client lie on the left side for the administration. The family member pushed the suppository until the finger went up to the second knuckle. After 10 minutes the client was told by the family member to turn to the right side and the client did this. What is the appropriate comment for the nurse to make? A) Why don't we now have the client turn back to the left side. B) That was done correctly. Did you have any problems with the insertion? C) Let's check to see if the suppository is in far enough. D) Did you feel any stool in the intestinal tract? 11. A client with a diagnosis of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has died. Which type of precautions is the appropriate type to use when performing postmortem care? A) airborne precautions B) droplet precautions C) contact precautions D) compromised host precautions 12. The nurse is reviewing with a client how to collect a clean catch urine specimen. Which sequence is appropriate teaching? A) Void a little, clean the meatus, then collect specimen B) clean the meatus, begin voiding, then catch urine stream C) Clean the meatus, then urinate into container D) Void continuously and catch some of the urine 13. The provider orders Lanoxin (digoxin) 0.125 mg PO and furosomide 40 mg every day. Which of these foods would the nurse reinforce for the client to eat at least daily? A) spaghetti B) watermelon C) chicken D) tomatoes 14. A nurse is stuck in the hand by an exposed needle. What immediate action should the nurse take? A) Look up the policy on needle sticks B) Contact employee health services C) Immediately wash the hands with vigor D) Notify the supervisor and risk management 15. As the nurse observes the student nurse during the administration of a narcotic analgesic IM injection, the nurse notes that the student begins to give the medication without first aspirating. What should the nurse do? A) Ask the student: "What did you forget to do?" B) Stop. Tell me why aspiration is needed. C) Loudly state: "You forgot to aspirate." D) Walk up and whisper in the student's ear "Stop. Aspirate. Then inject." 16. A client with Guillain Barre is in a non responsive state, yet vital signs are stable and breathing is independent. What should the nurse document to most accurately describe the client's condition? A) Comatose, breathing unlabored B) Glascow Coma Scale 8, respirations regular C) Appears to be sleeping, vital signs stable D) Glascow Coma Scale 13, no ventilator required 17. A client enters the emergency department unconscious via ambulance from the client's work place. What document should be given priority to guide the direction of care for this client? A) The statement of client rights and the client self determination act B) Orders written by the health care provider C) A notarized original of advance directives brought in by the partner D) The clinical pathway protocol of the agency and the emergency department 18. The charge nurse has a health care team that consists of 1 PN, 1 unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) and 1 PN nursing student. Which assignment should be questioned by the nurse manager? A) An admission at the change of shifts with atrial fibrillation and heart failure - PN B) Client who had a major stroke 6 days ago - PN nursing student C) A child with burns who has packed cells and albumin IV running harge nurse D) An elderly client who had a myocardial infarction a week ago - UAP 19. A mother brings her 3 month-old into the clinic, complaining that the child seems to be spitting up all the time and has a lot of gas. The nurse expects to find which of the following on the initial history and physical assessment? A) Increased temperature and lethargy B) Restlessness and increased mucus production C) Increased sleeping and listlessness D) Diarrhea and poor skin turgor 20. As the nurse takes a history of a 3 year-old with neuroblastoma, what comments by the parents require follow-up and are consistent with the diagnosis? A) "The child has been listless and has lost weight." B) "The urine is dark yellow and small in amounts." C) "Clothes are becoming tighter across her abdomen." D) "We notice muscle weakness and some unsteadiness." 21. A 16 year-old enters the emergency department. The triage nurse identifies that this teenager is legally married and signs the consent form for treatment. What would be the appropriate action by the nurse? A) Ask the teenager to wait until a parent or legal guardian can be contacted B) Withhold treatment until telephone consent can be obtained from the partner C) Refer the teenager to a community pediatric hospital emergency department D) Proceed with the triage process in the same manner as any adult client 22. A newly admitted elderly client is severely dehydrated. When planning care for this client, which task is appropriate to assign to an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)? A) Converse with the client to determine if the mucous membranes are impaired B) Report hourly outputs of less than 30 ml/hr C) Monitor client's ability for movement in the bed D) Check skin turgor every 4 hours 23. The nurse has admitted a 4 year-old with the diagnosis of possible rheumatic fever. Which statement by the parent would cause the nurse to suspect an association with this disease? A) Our child had chickenpox 6 months ago. B) Strep throat went through all the children at the day care last month. C) Both ears were infected over 3 months age. D) Last week both feet had a fungal skin infection. 24. A nurse assigned to a manipulative client for 5 days becomes aware of feelings for a reluctance to interact with the client. The next action by the nurse should be to A) Discuss the feeling of reluctance with an objective peer or supervisor B) Limit contacts with the client to avoid reinforcement of the manipulative behavior C) Confront the client about the negative effects of behaviors on other clients and staff D) Develop a behavior modification plan that will promote more functional behavior 25. A client is being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. When the client became loud and boisterous, the nurse immediately placed him in seclusion as a precautionary measure. The client willingly complied. The nurse's action A) May result in charges of unlawful seclusion and restraint B) Leaves the nurse vulnerable for charges of assault and battery C) Was appropriate in view of the client's history of violence D) Was necessary to maintain the therapeutic milieu of the unit 26. A client has been admitted to the Coronary Care Unit with a myocardial infarction. Which nursing diagnosis should have priority? A) Pain related to ischemia B) Risk for altered elimination: constipation C) Risk for complication: dysrhythmias D) Anxiety related to pain 27. The provisions of the law for the Americans with Disabilities Act require nurse managers to A) Maintain an environment free from associated hazards B) Provide reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals C) Make all necessary accommodations for disabled individuals D) Consider both mental and physical disabilities 28. A 42 year-old male client refuses to take propranolol hydrochloride (Inderal) as prescribed. Which client statement s from the assessment data is likely to explain his noncompliance? A) "I have problems with diarrhea." B) "I have difficulty falling asleep." C) "I have diminished sexual function." D) "I often feel jittery." 29. A school-aged child has had a long leg (hip to ankle) synthetic cast applied 4 hours ago. Which statement from the mother indicates that teaching has been inadequate? A) "I will keep the cast for the next day uncovered to prevent burning of the skin." B) "I can apply an ice pack over the area to relieve itching inside the cast." C) "The cast should be propped on at least 2 pillows when my child is lying down." D) "I think I remember that standing cannot be done until after 72 hours." 30. Which statement best describes time management strategies applied to the role of a nurse manager? A) Schedule staff efficiently to cover the needs on the managed unit B) Assume a fair share of direct client care as a role model C) Set daily goals with a prioritization of the work D) Delegate tasks to reduce work load associated with direct care and meetings 31. The pediatric clinic nurse examines a toddler with a tentative diagnosis of neuroblastoma. Findings observed by the nurse that is associated with this problem include which of these? A) Lymphedema and nerve palsy B) Hearing loss and ataxia C) Headaches and vomiting D) Abdominal mass and weakness 32. A 15 year-old client has been placed in a Milwaukee Brace. Which statement from the adolescent indicates the need for additional teaching? A) "I will only have to wear this for 6 months." B) "I should inspect my skin daily." C) "The brace will be worn day and night." D) "I can take it off when I shower 33. The nurse manager has been using a decentralized block scheduling plan to staff the nursing unit. However, staff have asked for many changes and exceptions to the schedule over the past few months. The manager considers self scheduling knowing that this method will A) Improve the quality of care B) Decrease staff turnover C) Minimize the amount of overtime payouts D) Improve team morale 34. A client is admitted to the emergency room following an acute asthma attack. Which of the following assessments would be expected by the nurse? A) Diffuse expiratory wheezing B) Loose, productive cough C) No relief from inhalant D) Fever and chills 35. The nurse manager hears a health care provider loudly criticize one of the staff nurses within the hearing of others. The employee does not respond to the health care provider's complaints. The nurse manager's next action should be to A) Walk up to the health care provider and quietly state: "Stop this unacceptable behavior." B) Allow the staff nurse to handle this situation without interference C) Notify the of the other administrative persons of a breech of professional conduct D) Request an immediate private meeting with the health care provider and staff nurse 36. A client is admitted to a voluntary hospital mental health unit due to suicidal ideation. The client has been on the unit for 2 days and now states "I demand to be released now!" The appropriate action is for the nurse to A) You cannot be released because you are still suicidal. B) You can be released only if you sign a no suicide contract. C) Let's discuss your decision to leave and then we can prepare you for discharge. D) You have a right to sign out as soon as we get an order from the health care provider's discharge order. 37. A client is admitted with infective endocarditis (IE). Which symptom would alert the nurse to a complication of this condition? A) Dyspnea B) Heart murmur C) Macular rash D) Hemorrhage 38. A nurse admits a premature infant who has respiratory distress syndrome. In planning care, nursing actions are based on the fact that the most likely cause of this problem stems from the infant's inability to A) Stabilize thermoregulation B) Maintain alveolar surface tension C) Begin normal pulmonary blood flow D) Regulate intra cardiac pressure 39. An 18 year-old client is admitted to intensive care from the emergency room following a diving accident. The injury is suspected to be at the level of the 2nd cervical vertebrae. The nurse's priority assessment should be A) Response to stimuli B) Bladder control C) Respiratory function D) Muscle weakness 40. The nurse is caring for a client who was successfully resuscitated from a pulseless dysrhythmia. Which of the following assessments is CRITICAL for the nurse to include in the plan of care? A) Hourly urine output B) White blood count C) Blood glucose every 4 hours D) Temperature every 2 hours 41. The charge nurse on the night shift at an urgent care center has to deal with admitting clients of a higher acuity than usual because of a large fire in the area. Which style of leadership and decision-making would be best in this circumstance? A) Assume a decision-making role B) Seek input from staff C) Use a non-directive approach D) Shared decision-making with others 42. The nurse admitting a 5 month-old who vomited 9 times in the past 6 hours should observe for signs of which overall imbalance? A) Metabolic acidosis B) Metabolic alkalosis C) Some increase in the serum hemoglobin D) A little decrease in the serum potassium 43. Which activity can the RN ask an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) to perform? A) Take a history on a newly admitted client B) Adjust the rate of a gastric tube feeding C) Check the blood pressure of a 2 hours post operative client D) Check on a client receiving chemotherapy 44. A child is injured on the school playground and appears to have a fractured leg. The first action the school nurse should take is A) Call for emergency transport to the hospital B) Immobilize the limb and joints above and below the injury C) Assess the child and the extent of the injury D) Apply cold compresses to the injured area 45. When interviewing the parents of a child with asthma, it is most important to gather what information about the child's environment? A) Household pets B) New furniture C) Lead based paint D) Plants such as cactus 46. An 80 year-old client admitted with a diagnosis of possible cerebral vascular accident has had a blood pressure from 180/110 to 160/100 over the past 2 hours. The nurse has also noted increased lethargy. Which assessment finding should the nurse report immediately to the health care provider? A) Slurred speech B) Incontinence C) Muscle weakness D) Rapid pulse 47. A 3 year-old child is brought to the clinic by his grandmother to be seen for "scratching his bottom and wetting the bed at night." Based on these complaints, the nurse would initially assess for which problem? A) Allergies B) Scabies C) Regression D) Pinworms 48. A 72 year-old client with osteomyelitis requires a 6 week course of intravenous antibiotics. In planning for home care, what is the most important action by the nurse? A) Investigating the client's insurance coverage for home IV antibiotic therapy B) Determining if there are adequate hand washing facilities in the home C) Assessing the client's ability to participate in self care and/or the reliability of a caregiver D) Selecting the appropriate venous access device 49. The mother of a child with a neural tube defect asks the nurse what she can do to decrease the chances of having another baby with a neural tube defect. What is the best response by the nurse? A) "Folic acid should be taken before and after conception." B) "Multivitamin supplements are recommended during pregnancy." C) "A well balanced diet promotes normal fetal development." D) "Increased dietary iron improves the health of mother and fetus." 56. During the initial home visit a nurse is discussing the care of a newly diagnosed client with Alzheimer's disease with family members. Which of these interventions would be most helpful at this time? A) Leave a book about relaxation techniques B) Write out a daily exercise routine for them to assist the client to do C) List actions to improve the client's daily nutritional intake D) Suggest communication strategies 57. The nurse is teaching a client with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus about the prescribed diet. The nurse should teach the client to A) Maintain previous calorie intake B) Keep a candy bar available at all times C) Reduce carbohydrates intake to 25% of total calories D) Keep a regular schedule of meals and snacks 50. A PN is assigned to care for a newborn with a neural tube defect. Which dressing if applied by the PN would need no further intervention by the charge nurse? A) Telfa dressing with antibiotic ointment B) Moist sterile non adherent dressing C) Dry sterile dressing that is occlusive D) Sterile occlusive pressure dressing 58. The mother of a 2 month-old baby calls the nurse 2 days after the first DTaP, IPV, Hepatitis B and HIB immunizations. She reports that the baby feels very warm, cries inconsolably for as long as 3 hours, and has had several shaking spells. In addition to referring her to the emergency room, the nurse should document the reaction on the baby's record and expect which immunization to be most associated to the findings in the infant? A) DTaP B) Hepatitis B C) Polio D) H. Influenza 59. The nurse is teaching a class on HIV prevention. Which of the following should be emphasized as increasing risk? A) Donating blood B) Using public bathrooms C) Unprotected sex D) Touching a person with AIDS 60. The charge nurse is planning assignments on a medical unit. Which client should be assigned to the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)? A client with A) Difficulty swallowing after a mild stroke B) an order of enemas until clear prior to colonoscopy C) an order for a post-op abdominal dressing change D) transfer orders to a long term facility A 6 year-old child is seen for the first time in the clinic. Upon assessment, the nurse finds that the child has deformities of the joints, limbs, and fingers, thinned upper lip, and small teeth with faulty enamel. The mother states: "My child seems to have problems in learning to count and recognizing basic colors." Based on this data, the nurse suspects that the child is most likely showing the effects of which problem? A) Congenital abnormalities B) Chronic toxoplasmosis C) Fetal alcohol syndrome D) Lead poisoning 62. The nurse has performed the initial assessments of 4 clients admitted with an acute episode of asthma. Which assessment finding would cause the nurse to call the health care provider immediately? A) Prolonged inspiration with each breath B) Expiratory wheezes that are suddenly absent in 1 lobe C) Expectoration of large amounts of purulent mucous D) Appearance of the use of abdominal muscles for breathing 63. The nurse is planning a meal plan that would provide the most iron for a child with anemia. Which dinner menu would be best? A) Fish sticks, french fries, banana, cookies, milk B) Ground beef patty, lima beans, wheat roll, raisins, milk C) Chicken nuggets, macaroni, peas, cantaloupe, milk D) Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple slices, milk 64. A 10 year-old client is recovering from a splenectomy following a traumatic injury. The clients laboratory results show a hemoglobin of 9 g/dL and a hematocrit of 28 percent. The best approach for the nurse to use is to A) Limit milk and milk products B) Encourage bed activities and games C) Plan nursing care around lengthy rest periods D) Promote a diet rich in iron 65. The nurse planning care for a 12 year-old child with sickle cell disease in a vasoocclusive crisis of the elbow should include which one of the following as a priority? A) Limit fluids B) Client controlled analgesia C) Cold compresses to elbow D) Passive range of motion exercise 66. As the nurse provides discharge teaching to the parents of a 15 month-old child with Kawasaki disease. The child has received immunoglobulin therapy. Which instruction would be appropriate? A) High doses of aspirin will be continued for some time B) Complete recovery is expected within several days C) Active range of motion exercises should be done frequently D) The measles, mumps and rubella vaccine should be delayed 67. The nurse is giving instructions to the parents of a child with cystic fibrosis. The nurse would emphasize that pancreatic enzymes should be taken A) Once each day B) 3 times daily after meals C) With each meal or snack D) Each time carbohydrates are eaten 68. The nurse is assessing an 8 month-old infant with a malfunctioning ventriculoperitoneal shunt. Which one of the following manifestations would the infant be most likely to exhibit? A) Lethargy B) Irritability C) Negative Moro D) Depressed fontanel 69. The nurse is performing a physical assessment on a toddler. Which of the following should be the first action? A) Perform traumatic procedures B) Use minimal physical contact C) Proceed from head to toe D) Explain the exam in detail 70. A client has been tentatively diagnosed with Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism). Which of these findings noted on the initial nursing assessment requires quick intervention by the nurse? A) A report of 10 pounds weight loss in the last month B) A comment by the client "I just can't sit still." C) The appearance of eyeballs that appear to "pop" out of the client's eye sockets D) A report of the sudden onset of irritability in the past 2 weeks [Show More]

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