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MTA Mobility And Device Fundamentals, Questions and answers, Graded A+

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MTA Mobility And Device Fundamentals The process of converting data into a format that cant be read by other users - ✔✔Encryption The main graphical utility to configure the Windows environment... and hardware devices - ✔✔Control Panel Microsoft's personal assistant - ✔✔Cortana The process of converting data back into its original format - ✔✔Decryption To communicate with the operating system, each device requires a what? - ✔✔Device Driver The Windows 10 tool for managing devices and their drivers - ✔✔Device Manager Allows users to see all the devices connected to the computer - ✔✔Devices and Printers Folder Accounts stored as objects on a domain controller, also known as Active Directory Accounts - ✔✔Domain-based Accounts Controls the working environment for user and computer accounts; provides centralized management and configuration of operating systems, applications, and user settings - ✔✔Group Policy Icons in Windows 10 that displays dynamic content - ✔✔Live Tiles Accounts that allows you to synchronize your desktop across multiple Windows 10 devices - ✔✔Microsoft Accounts One of the primary administrative tools used to manage Windows and many of the network services provided by Windows - ✔✔Microsoft Management Console (MMC) The second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft regularly releases security updates - ✔✔Patch Tuesday Microchip that's built into a computer; used to store cryptographic information - ✔✔Trusted Platform Module (TPM) A series of folders, associated with a specific user account that contains personal documents and settings - ✔✔User ProfileShows important notifications related to the security and maintenance of your computer - ✔✔Action Center Writes one copy of your data but doesn't protect against drive failures; requires at least one drive - ✔✔Simple (no resiliency) Writes two copies of your data to protect against a single drive failure; requires at least two drives - ✔✔Two-way mirror Writes three copies of your data to protect against two simultaneous drive failures; requires at least five drives - ✔✔Three-way mirror Writes data with parity information to protect against single drive failures; requires at least three drives - ✔✔Parity Users can modify, add, move, and delete files, as well as their associated properties and directories. In addition, users can change permissions settings for all files and subdirectories - ✔✔Full Control Users can view and modify files and file properties, including deleting and adding files to a directory or file properties to a file - ✔✔Modify Users can run executable files, including scripts - ✔✔Read & Execute Users can view files and file properties - ✔✔Read Users can write to a file - ✔✔Write This descriptor includes information that controls which users and groups can access the file or folder, as well as what type of access is granted to particular users or groups - ✔✔Access Control List (ACL) Cloud storage designed for large-scale applications, including providing a storage foundation for Azure virtual machines - ✔✔Azure Storage Enables users to encrypt removable USB devices, such as flash drives and external hard disks - ✔✔BitLocker To Go NTFS permissions that are granted directly to a file or folder - ✔✔Explicit Permissions A group of computers on a home network that can share files and printers - ✔✔HomeGroupNTFS permissions that are granted to a file (parent object or container) that flow to a child objects (subfolders or files inside the parent folder) - ✔✔Inherited Permissions Permissions that allow you to control which users and groups gain access to files and folders - ✔✔NTFS Permissions A file-hosting service that allows you to store and create files and folders and share them with other users and groups - ✔✔OneDrive A web-based service that is hosted outside of your organization - ✔✔Public Cloud Designed to increase data availability, despite errors that would normally cause data loss or downtime while providing increased scala [Show More]

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