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ENG 225 WEEK 4 QUIZ , Version 2; Latest 2020 Solution. Quiz Score 15/15.

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ENG 225 Week 4 Quiz Question 1 1 / 1 pts Method actors draw upon which primary source for their roles? their director’s imagination their own experiences other actors’ performances... their scriptwriter’s vision of the role Question 2 1 / 1 pts Every piece of a movie’s mise-en-scène is controlled, chosen, or approved by whom? director set designer executive producer actors Question 3 1 / 1 pts Based on your knowledge of contemporary acting techniques, which of the following is an actual example of method acting? Daniel Day Lewis, during the filming of My Left Foot, insisting that he remain confined to a wheelchair during shooting Ben Stiller building a library after playing the titular role in Zoolander Wesley Snipes drinking human blood for his role in Blade Judy Garland traveling with a real lion during the filming of The Wizard of Oz Question 4 1 / 1 pts Using an actor to play the same type of role in different films is called what? casting call typecasting the star system typology Question 5 1 / 1 pts Which of the following is true of the difference between film acting and stage acting? Unlike stage acting, film acting involves no close-ups and no changing points of view. Unlike film acting, stage acting is generally subtle. Unlike those of film actors, stage actors’ mannerisms and expressions tend to be less broad. Unlike stage actors, film actors must adjust a performance for different shots and angles. Question 6 1 / 1 pts Which of the following is an acting type that requires actors to draw on their own memories and experiences to reach the heart of a character so that they more genuinely feel the emotions they are portraying? stylized acting generic acting structural acting method acting Question 7 1 / 1 pts What term best describes the person an actor plays in a movie whose traits are created by a writer to help tell a story through the course of a plot? star character feature artist Question 8 1 / 1 pts What is the most basic skill an actor must possess? a loud voice a fit body a good imagination a good memory Question 9 1 / 1 pts A movie’s soundtrack differs from the score in that a soundtrack contains songs that may or may not be heard in the film. a soundtrack is just the background music heard in the film. a soundtrack contains only those songs sung by characters in a musical. a soundtrack often has very little to do with the film itself. Question 10 1 / 1 pts Which of the following is true of silent movies during the Silent Era? They were usually accompanied by live musical performances. They often featured live actors reading their dialogues. They were accompanied by a prerecorded soundtrack. They were typically shown in complete silence. Question 11 1 / 1 pts Which of the following was the first 100% all-talking feature? The Jazz Singer Birth of a Nation Duel in the Sun The Lights of New York Question 12 1 / 1 pts According to scholars, how did the advent of talking pictures change the behavior of movie audiences? It made audiences more participative. It made audiences more attentive. It made audiences more silent. It made audiences more imaginative. Question 13 1 / 1 pts Which of the following tends to be true of silent film acting as opposed to sound film acting? Silent film acting often features more melodramatic facial expressions and mannerisms. Silent film acting relies on more subtle movements and expressions. Silent film acting more accurately reflects how people behave in the real world. Silent film acting relies heavily on a realistic catalog of gestures or movements. Question 14 1 / 1 pts In the film Jaws, which category of sound is most essential to our impressions of the shark? music dialogue sound effects soundtrack songs Question 15 1 / 1 pts What is the name of the process used to create everyday sound effects in films? Dolby Sony Foley Mickey Quiz Score: 15 out of 15 [Show More]

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