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WGU C724 Unit 6 Test Questions and Answers Already Passed

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WGU C724 Unit 6 Test Questions and Answers Already Passed The six formal steps that need to be followed to develop an information system is known as what? ✔✔system development life cycle What ... are the four categories of an organizational change? ✔✔automation, rationalization, process redesign, and paradigm What method uses 4th generation computer languages? ✔✔end user development What are the stages in the waterfall model? ✔✔system design, programming, testing, conversion, and production and maintenance What is a component of a feasibility study? ✔✔technical and economic ABC playground company has been asked to build new playground at a local elementary school. The project must be completed before the first day of school. What steps would increase the likelihood of finishing the project on time? ✔✔have the most experienced workers complete tasks on the critical path What is UML ✔✔a general purpose modeling language (unified modeling language) What is a key factor to consider when evaluating system alternative? ✔✔economic, compatibility, limitations What are the factors that must be considered when implementing anew information system? ✔✔resistance to change, user, technical abilityWhat is the difference between ICR and OCR? ✔✔ICR (intelligent character recognition) is an intelligent or advanced form of OCR. (optical character recognition What are software patches? ✔✔fix bugs, are expensive and time consuming What is the purpose of a general MIS evaluation? ✔✔A company's general evaluation of their MIS is to analyze the system performance against outlined objectives. There is a higher chance of failure in information system projects if ________________ do not use and leverage the system on behalf of their organization. ✔✔employees What is considered to be low level security risk during system post implementation? ✔✔it is characterized by noticeable impact to the organization A systems analyst should try to have an understanding of _________________ processes. ✔✔business Why must a systems analyst be a good communicator? ✔✔they must be able to communicate system capacities and benefits. Because feedback is not readily available with written communication, the content must be accurate and contain sufficient detail. Which of the following is most likely to increase the audience understanding of written communication? ✔✔action specific verbs What category of CASE does Microsoft Visual Basic fall under? ✔✔workbenches Which of the following is a great, free, and ubiquitous source of information for systems analysts? ✔✔internetWhat are the classifications of cloud computing? ✔✔public, private, and hybrid [Show More]

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