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NLN PAX Exam Study – Math 49 Questions with Answers 2023 What is 6/19 expressed to the nearest thousandth place? - CORRECT ANSWER 0.316. A 2 1/2 ounce piece of cheese supplies 240 calories. ... How many calories are supplied by 1 ounce of cheese? - CORRECT ANSWER 96. A beaker holds 12 1/2 ounces of a solution. How many 1 1/1 ounce vials can be filled from this beaker? - CORRECT ANSWER 8 vials. A patient is to be given a medication for 84 hours. How many days does this time period cover? - CORRECT ANSWER 3 1/2 days. A patient's temperature rose from 99.4 degrees F to 102.2 degrees F. How many degrees did it rise? - CORRECT ANSWER 2.8 degrees F. An anti-allergy medication is 75% aspirin and 25% antihistamine. Aspirin costs 15 cents per gram and antihistamine costs 50 cents per gram. What will it cost to make one hundred 1g tablets of this medication? - CORRECT ANSWER $23.75. Express 0.057 as a percentage. - CORRECT ANSWER 5.70%. Express 125/1000 as a decimal. - CORRECT ANSWER 0.125. Express 3% as a decimal. - CORRECT ANSWER 0.03. Express 80% as a fraction. - CORRECT ANSWER 4/5. Express 9/30 as a percentage. - CORRECT ANSWER 30%. 5/8 of a yard is the same as what percentage of a yard? - CORRECT ANSWER 62.5%. Following a heat stroke, a patient's temperature averaged 100.5 degrees F over a 4-day period. On the 5th and 6th days, the average temp was 99.0 degrees F. What was the average temp over the 6 days? - CORRECT ANSWER 100.1 degrees F. How many milligrams (mg) are in 50 grams (g)? (0.5 g = 500 mg). - CORRECT ANSWER 50,000 mg. How much simple interest will be paid on a $500 loan for 1 year if the annual interest rate is 6%? - CORRECT ANSWER $30.00. If a=3 and b=6, what is the value of b to the a power? - CORRECT ANSWER 216. If a hospital equipment salesperson receives a 12% commission, how much commission is paid when $16,000 worth of equipment is sold? - CORRECT ANSWER $1,920.00 If x=4, x^3 = - CORRECT ANSWER 64 Mr. Clark owns 150 shares of stock in the Acme Company and receives $180 per year in dividends. How much does Mrs. Grey receive for an annual dividend if she owns 400 shares in the same company? - CORRECT ANSWER $480.00 Of 60 patients treated with a certain medication, 24 showed no improvement. What percent of patients improved? - CORRECT ANSWER 60%. One kilometer (km) equals 0.6 miles. How many miles equal 2.75 km? - CORRECT ANSWER 1.65. Solve: 8[7-3(12-5)/5] - CORRECT ANSWER 8 The dosage of a certain medication is determined by a patient's body weight. This medication's dosage is 2.5 mg per kilogram of body weight. What would be the dose for a patient who weighs 72 pounds? (1 lb = 0.453 kg) (Doses are rounded to the nearest 25 mg). - CORRECT ANSWER 75 mg. What is the area of a rectangle that is 4 feet wide and 9 feet long? - CORRECT ANSWER 36 square feet. Which of these fractions equals 40%? - CORRECT ANSWER 2/5 0.124 * 0.06 = - CORRECT ANSWER 0.00744 127.670 - 39.68 = - CORRECT ANSWER 87.99 2/5 + 3/10 = - CORRECT ANSWER 7/10 350 is 40% of what number? - CORRECT ANSWER 875 If a box is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 6 feet tall, what is its volume? (V = L*W*H & express answer in cubic feet) - CORRECT ANSWER 36. A commercial popcorn machine makes 12 pounds of popcorn, which can fill how many 4 ounce bags? - CORRECT ANSWER 48. In Europe, a road sign indicates that the next town is 85 kilometers away. How far is this in miles? (1 km = 0.62 mi) - CORRECT ANSWER 52.7 A nurse gave a patient 1/2 gram of medicine in the morning and again at night. During the day, the nurse gave the patient three doses of 1/4 gram each. What was the total number of grams for the day? - CORRECT ANSWER 7 div 4 A nursing home allows its residents to be admitted with their pets. Last month, 8 of the 25 residents had their pets with them. What percentage of the residents is this? - CORRECT ANSWER 32% A patients room is 10 feet wide and 15 ft long. If all rooms are built to the same proportions, what is the length of the room that is 18 ft wide? - CORRECT ANSWER ??????? A person weighed 170 pounds at the beginning of the new year and weighed 158 pounds a few weeks later. How many kilograms did the person lose? (1 kg - 2.2 lbs) - CORRECT ANSWER 5.45 kg A piece of cloth is 15 ft. long. If 2.1 ft at one end are damaged, how many feet of cloth are undamaged? - CORRECT ANSWER 12.9 A student is reading a 434 page novel. He reads 112 pages on Monday, 98 pages on Tuesday & Wednesday, and 88 pages on Thursday. How many pages does he have left? - CORRECT ANSWER 38 An ideal gas occupies a volume of 0.50 liter at a pressure of 0.20 atmosphere. What volume will the gas occupy at 0.40 atmosphere if the temperature remains constant? - CORRECT ANSWER ????? During a sale, a bookstore reduced the price by 3/20 for each $25.00 book. The final sale price was: - CORRECT ANSWER $21.25 Express 0.037 as a percent - CORRECT ANSWER 3.70% If 15 our of every 200 patients admitted to a hospital remain longer than a week, how many of the 2,800 admissions in a given year were released within one week? - CORRECT ANSWER 2,590 If 24% of the 50 students who enrolled in a chemistry course dropped out, how many remained? - CORRECT ANSWER 38 If 4x + 3 = 7x - 9 then x = - CORRECT ANSWER 4 If a hospital equipment salesman receives a 12% commission, how much commission is paid when $16,000 worth of equipment is sold? - CORRECT ANSWER $1,920.00 How many miles equal 2.75 km? (1 km = 0.6 mi) - CORRECT ANSWER 1.65 The concentration of allergens in an experimental sample of air is one part per billion. Which of these mathematical notations represents this concentration? - CORRECT ANSWER ???? Which of these fractions is not equivalent to a terminating decimal number? - CORRECT ANSWER 12 div 4. Zero can never be used as a - CORRECT ANSWER divisor. [Show More]

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