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Biology 2023 Final Exam GRADED A+ (ACTUAL EXAM ) Questions and Answers (Solved)

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1. Natural Selection Answer: A process in which individuals that have certain inherited traits tend to survive and reproduce at higher rates than other individuals because of those traits. 2. alle... le frequency Answer: how often an allele appears in a gene pool 3. offspring Answer: an organism's child or children. 4. Allele Answer: An alternative form of a gene. 5. DNA and Molecular Evidence of Evolution Answer: When comparing the DNA/proteins/molecules of one species to another, more similarities are found in speciesthat are more closely related. 6. DNA Answer: A complex molecule containing the genetic information that makes up thechromosomes. 7. mRNA (messenger RNA) Answer: The form of RNA which is created as a blueprintfrom DNA; carries instructions for making a protein 8. Codon Answer: three-nucleotide sequence on messenger RNA that codes for a singleamino acid [Show More]

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