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NURSING MS 350_ Comprehensive Assessment of Social Determinants of Health (2021 Complete Document)

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1 C350 TASK 2 Social Determinants of Health COMPREHENSIVE ASSESMENT Social Determinants of Health (2021) 2 C350 TASK 2 Social Determinants of Health Interview Techniques To begin the compreh... ensive health assessment (CHA), social determinants were discussed to understand the patient’s overall social status more effectively. Social determinants are necessary to determine the patient’s ability to understand their care, access to care, ability to afford care, and identify any areas of concern. Guided questioning was a technique used along with active listening allowing me to quickly read nonverbal cues and correlate those with verbal responses from a series of questions being asked one at a time and using echoing voice back (Bickley, 2017). I used empowerment to allow the patient to openly express any feelings of pain or discomfort during my assessment and nonverbal communication to assess the patients sitting position, tone of voice, facial expressions, and any hand gestures to determine possible discomfort or distress (Bickley, 2017). Justification of Key Questions The five key elements of social determinants are economic stability, education, social and community context, health and healthcare, and neighborhood build environment (“Social Determinants of Health”, 2020). The social determinants of health were made and are used to identify methods to create social and physical environments that promote health for all people (“Social Determinants of Health”, 2020). Questions are asked during CHAs to determine the patient’s current status. [Show More]

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