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BUSI F018 07W Business Law. Assignment 3 - Breach of Contract. Graded A

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Research one of the following cases: (Use a google search to find plenty of information on the case) 1. Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics Inc. v. Prince Rogers Nelson 2. Macy’s v. Martha Stewa... rt Living After you have gathered enough information to fully understand the legal situation answer the following. 1) What was the original agreement between the parties? 2) Define the following terms and think about the elements of each law that would need to be proven: Macy's Case - Breach of Contract: - Tortious Interference: - Unfair Competition: - Punitive Damages: Prince Case - Breach of Contract: -Tortious Interference: -Fraud Inducement: -Punitive Damages: 3) How did the above terms/concepts apply in the case you read? 4) What is the current outcome of the case? 5) Based on your understanding of contract law was the ruling correct? Explain why using a legal principle. Work Cited Hamblen, K. (2018, 06 28). Legal Match. Retrieved from JUSTIA. (2015, February 26). Retrieved from Macy's v Martha Stewart: https// Rivera, J. (2018, 07 05). Legal match. Retrieved from Trigueros, A. (2018, 03 04). Legal Match. Retrieved from http:/ [Show More]

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