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Chalazion Chalazion is a chronic sterile inflammation of the eyelid resulting from a lipogranuloma of the meibomian glands that line the posterior margins of the eyelids (see Fig. 29-7). It is deep... er in the eyelid tissue than a hordeolum and may result from an internal hordeolum or retained lipid granular secretions. Clinical Findings Initially, mild erythema and slight swelling of the involved eyelid are seen. After a few days the inflammation resolves, and a slow growing, round, nonpigmented, painless (key finding) mass remains. It may persist for a long time and is a commonly acquired lid lesion seen in children (see Fig. 29-7). 727 Management • Acute lesions are treated with hot compresses. • Refer to an ophthalmologist for surgical incision or topical intralesional corticosteroid injections if the condition is unresolved or if the lesion causes cosmetic concerns. A chalazion can distort vision by causing astigmatism as a result of pressure on the orbit. Complications Recurrence is common. Fragile, vascular granulation tissue called pyogenic granuloma that enlarges and bleeds rapidly can occur if a chalazion breaks through the conjunctival surface. Types of Conjunctivitis Type Incidence/Etiology Clinical Finding s Diagnosis Management* Ophthalmi a neonat orum Neonates: Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, HSV (silver nitrate reaction occurs in 10% of neonates) Erythema, chemo sis, purule nt exudat e with N Culture (ELISA, PCR), Gram stain, R/O N. gonorrhoeae, chlamydia Saline irrigation to eyes until exudate gone; follow with erythromycin ointment For N. gonorrhoeae:ceft riaxone or IM or IV 1 Type Incidence/Etiology Clinical Finding s Diagnosis Management* . gonorr hoeae; clear to mucoi d exudat e with chlamy dia For chlamydia: erythromycin or possibly azithromycin PO For HSV: ant [Show More]

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