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1. Terminology a. Polarized  resting state (no electrical activity) b. Depolarization  Discharge of energy c. Repolarization  return of electrical charge to original state (required to rec... eive next impulse) d. Impulse  travels through the heart in a specific pathway/time frame 2. Sequence a. Polarized  movement of charged ions across myocardial cell membrane (Na + K)  Depolarization (wave motion)  repolarization b. Electrical Activity i. Stimulus tells the heart ot beat ii. Precedes/causes mechanical activity (AEB ECG Wave tracing) c. Mechanical Activity i. Response to electrical stimuli ii. Contraction (AEB Pulse) d. During the R sequence; Atrial Diastole 3. Conduction Sequence a. SA Node  AV Node  Bundle of His  L/R Bundle Branches  Punkinjie Fibers 4. Rate at each site (the fastest node sets the tempo) (kids depend on chronotropy) The site with the fastest rate will take over TEST QUESTION a. SA Node  60-100 (15-30% of CO) b. AV Node  40-60 c. Punkinjie Fibers  20-40 [Show More]

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