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NURS 6551 MIDTERM EXAM 1- QUESTION AND ANSWERS; Latest 2019/2020, Walden University. graded A+

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How can liver and renal diseases result in abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB)? a. They cause an imbalance in platelet aggregation. b. They result in an inability to adequately clear estrogen from the b... ody. c. They cause thyroid dysfunction, which leads to bleeding abnormalities. d. They result in elevated prolactin levels, which lead to bleeding abnormalities. What is now thought to be the most important causative agent in cervical cancer? a. PCOS b. Vulvar cancer c. Herpes simplex d. HPV An initial or primary genital herpes infection characteristically lasts about: a. 1 week b. 3 weeks c. 1 month d. 6 weeks Which contraceptive methods have inherent failure rates? a. None b. Some c. All d. All except sterilization Why do adolescents have the highest risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)? a. They have the highest risk for bacterial vaginosis. b. They are the least at risk for developing other STIs. c. They are the most sexually active. d. They have decreased immunity to infectious organisms. Exercise-induced amenorrhea is probably due to the combination of low body fat and decreased secretion of: a. Estrogen b. Prolactin c. Progesterone d. GnRH What can result from an imbalance in th [Show More]

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