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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Final Exam Review 2020. Complete with all 46 Chapters (As listed in the description below).

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HERE IS A LIST OF THE CHAPTERS COVERED. Chapter 1 –EMS Systems EMS Scope of Chapter 2 –Wellness Death and Dying -- Chapter 3 –Medical Legal Ethical Duty to Chapter 4 –Documentation Mi... nimum data set to be yet Chapter 5—Communications Radio Communications Base station—high frequency Chapter 6—Lifting and Moving Body mechanics Lifting Chapter 7—A&P Physiology Pupils constrict in Chapter 8—Pathophysiology Shock -- Decreased perfusion to tissues Chapter 9—Lifespan Development Children go through different Chapter 10—Airway Management Inspiration requires energy Contraction Chapter 11—Vital Signs Orthostatics – (tilt Chapter 12—Scene Size-up MOI Identifies what unit Chapter 13—Patient Assessment AVPU is a measure Page : 11 toe Chapter 14—Pharmacology Definitions Contra-indication—situation in Chapter 15—Shock and Resuscitation Shock--Decreased Chapter 16—Respiratory Breathing Crackles or Rales – Chapter 17—Cardiovascular Cardiac stuff Vasoconstriction Muscles in Chapter 18—Altered Mental Status, Stroke Stroke Chapter 19—Seizures Scary if you have Chapter 20—Diabetic Diabetes Pancreas produces 2 hormones Chapter 21—Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis Substances that enter the reflux Chapter 22—Toxicology CO poisoning Headache Nausea Weakness Narcotic agitated Chapter 23—Abdominal, Genital, Renal AAA Severe Chapter 24—Environmental Heat Emergencies Heat cramps – Localized Chapter 25—Submersion Submersion injury Nitrogen Narcosis Euphoria Chapter 26—Behavioral Hallucinations— Don’t pretend transport Chapter 27—Trauma Overview Any possibility of Chapter 28—Soft Tissue Injury Wounds Avulsion Don’ Chapter 29—Burns Rule of 9s 9 – Chapter30—Musculoskeletal Trauma Amputations Control bleeding of amputated painful Chapter 31—Head Trauma Skull deformity itself Chapter 32—Spinal Trauma Why is spinal cord swelling Chapter 33—Eye, Face Trauma Eye trauma Chapter 34—Chest Trauma Penetrating trauma to Chapter 35—Abdominal Trauma Trauma to RUQ possible Chapter 36—Multisystem Trauma Multisystem trauma – more injury Chapter 37—Obstetrics Delivery Head is out – Chapter 38—Pediatrics Fontanelles are a window Chapter 39—Geriatrics Systems are weaker/breaking Chapter 40—Special Challenges Vent pt cyanotic— Chapter 41—Combat Veteran PTSD Exposure to an Chapter 42—Ambulance Ops Collisions—intersections site of Chapter 43—Extrication First on scene – park Chapter 44—Haz-Mat Your job is Chapter 45—MCI START Primary triage is ASSESSMENT Chapter 46—WMD Will cover in next [Show More]

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