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[SOLVED] HIEU 201 / HIEU201 Chapter 7 Quiz 100/100 (Latest 2022 Graded A)

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Octavian took the title princeps, which means a. god-king. b. first citizen. c. dictator. d. chief priest. Hide Feedback Correct The Pax Romana was characterized by the a. worsening condition ... of slaves and women. b. prevalence of peace in the Mediterranean world without any foreign wars or internal revolts. c. rejection of Stoic philosophy with its emphasis on the common humanity of all peoples. d. revival of republican government and the end of the empire. Hide Feedback Correct The second Hebrew revolt in Judea during the reign of Hadrian resulted in a. a promise from Rome that only Jews would be allowed to settle in Palestine. b. the permanent return of Jerusalem to Jewish control. c. complete Jewish independence from Rome. d. the death, enslavement, or emigration of the majority of Palestinian Jews. Hide Feedback Correct Roman Stoics a. believed that only through veneration of the gods could Rome remain great. b. believed that moral values were obtained from reason alone. c. meditated on a mystical being that they believed would assure them of immortality. d. were attracted to mystery religions and cults. Hide Feedback Correct The major forms of entertainment in the Empire included all of the following EXCEPT a. poetry reading contests. b. chariot races. c. wild animal shows. d. gladiatorial combats. Hide Feedback Correct The weaknesses of the economy of Empire during the Pax Romana included all of the following EXCEPT This study source was downloaded by 100000831988016 from CourseHero.com on 03-21-2022 06:17:46 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/54721584/HIEU-201-Chapter-7-Quizdocx/ a. a growing unemployed underclass. b. the lack of capital investment. c. problematic transportation networks that hindered the expansion of trade. d. the abandonment of slave labor. Hide Feedback Correct Plotinus (A.D. c. 205–c. 270) is considered the most influential spokesman for NeoPlatonism, because he a. subordinated the mystery cult tradition to philosophy. b. subordinated philosophy to mysticism and the occult. c. argued for a total commitment to rational thought. d. believed that Rome should return to the political institutions of the Republic. Hide Feedback Correct Diocletian was able to slow the disintegration of the Empire temporarily by a. restricting the liberty of urban workers and city officials by requiring them to stay in their positions, even if they were losing money. b. allowing more self-government to the cities and local areas of the Empire. c. making taxation more equitable and allowing greater economic freedom and opportunity for the poor. d. reviving the synthesis of republican and imperial institutions established by Octavian. Hide Feedback Correct That "Rome fell in A.D. 476" means a. Rome was abandoned by Constantine in that year when he moved the capital of the Empire to Constantinople in the East. b. the city of Rome was destroyed in that year by rival Roman generals. c. the entire Empire collapsed, and barbarians and Persians took control of the entire Mediterranean world. d. Romulus, the last Western Roman emperor, was replaced by a German ruler in the West. Hide Feedback Correct In the late Roman Empire, the Roman population saw its government as a. its only source of strong military leadership. b. the epitome of traditional Roman virtues. c. more hated and feared than the barbarian invaders. d. its only hope for salvation from invasion. Hide Feedback Correct This study source was downloaded by 100000831988016 from CourseHero.com on 03-21-2022 06:17:46 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/54721584/HIEU-201-Chapter-7-Quizdocx/ Ptolemy is best known for his contributions to the study of a. chemistry. b. astronomy. c. medicine. d. physics. Hide Feedback Incorrect Roman law came to form the basis of the common law in all Western lands EXCEPT a. Britain. b. France c. Italy. d. Germany. Hide Feedback Incorrect Octavian was able to avoid the fate of Julius Caesar by a. declaring himself a monarch with absolute powers. b. retiring from public life as soon as he had restored order in Roman society. c. disbanding the Senate and executing all of its strongest advocates. d. maintaining the façade of the Republic. Hide Feedback Incorrect Augustus carried out all of the following measures EXCEPT a. the building of aqueducts and water mains. b. reform of the army. c. the fostering of democratic institutions in the provinces. d. the repair of roads and the promotion of public works [Show More]

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