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PRN 1356 Basic Pharmacology Final Exam Questions & Answers Basic Pharmacology Final Exam Questions & Answers • Question 1 Answer the following question by supplying the interpretation of the medical... abbreviation: q4h Selected Answer: every 4 hours Answers: every 4 hours 4 times an hour 4 times a day every 4 hours while awake • Question 2 For clients receiving immunosuppressants, the priority goal of nursing care is: Selected Answer: Prevention of infection. Answers: Compliance with therapy. Assessing client's temperature every 4 hours. Monitoring for serum sickness. Prevention of infection. • Question 3 You are preparing to administer Levothyroxine (Synthroid) to a patient. You will monitor the patient for which potential adverse effect? Selected Answer: Tachycardia Answers: Weight gain Constipation Lethargy Tachycardia • Question 4 A 2-year-old patient with respiratory syncytial virus is prescribed aerosolized ribavirin (Virazole). Which visitor does the nurse ensure is not in the patient's room during the aerosol treatments? Selected Answer: 32-year-old pregnant mother Answers: 10-year-old brother 81-year-old grandmother 32-year-old pregnant mother 36-year-old father who has diabetes • Question 5 After administering an ACE inhibitor, you encourage the patient change positions slowly to prevent falling caused by what? Selected Answer: Orthostatic hypotension Answers: Dyskinesia Rhabdomyolysis Orthostatic hypotension Arrhythmias [Show More]

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