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ASTRO 1 FINAL STUDY GUIDE | 120 Questions with 100% Correct Answers | Updated | Download to score A+ | 20 Pages

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Place structures in order from smallest to largest: Earth, Sun, Galaxy, Universe. - Earth, Sun, Galaxy, Universe covert from one unit to another (conversion factor) - write conversion as a fraction,... multiply it, cancel out any units that are on both the top and the bottom Light Year (ly) - the distance that light travels in one year (conversion factor: 1 ly = 9.5 x 10^12 km) Explain the difference between astronomy and astrology - astronomy is a science, astrology is strongly based on predictions Explain the difference between a rotation and a revolution - Rotation: a circular motion around a fixed position Revolution: a circular motion around an external object, not at the center of the body Identify what causes the daily apparent motion of the stars in our sky as viewed from earth - the rotation of the earth about its own axis state the period (time for a full cycle) of this apparent motion of stars in our sky - equator - 12 hours, pole - never, middle latitude - different times depending on the star [Show More]

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