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Ramp Training AA FINAL Exam | Questions with 100% Correct Answers | Updated | Download to score A+

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What is the new one focus on the ramp? - ✔✔Safety Never come closer that _______ feet to an aircraft, except with loading equipment/devices, catering truck, lavatory unites, passenger boarding b... ridges or stair, and only when servicing, loading, or unloading the aircraft. - ✔✔5 How many carts can you tow at one time? - ✔✔4 What position must the boom be in when driving across the ramp? - ✔✔down The no Exposed Skin policy is ______________________________ but not required. - ✔✔recommended T or F: During the marshalling process, the Guide man should pay attention to the entire aircraft, from wingtip to wingtip. - ✔✔T What's the signal when both arms are extended and held in a vertical position? - ✔✔Use this Gate [Show More]

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