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Nutrition Midterm HUN1201 IRSC | 50 Questions with 100% Correct Answers | Updated 2023

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What is a vitamin A deficiency? - ✔✔night blindness What causes rickets? - ✔✔vitamin d deficiency An example of Vitamin D? - ✔✔fortified milk High intakes of of folic acid mask what def... iciency? - ✔✔vitamin B12 Why do older adults needs more vitamin B6? - ✔✔utilization is low / Lack of gastric acid Fluoride is beneficial for what purposes? - ✔✔preventing dental caries What is a water distribution in a person is related to? - ✔✔Muscle mass (lean) What is the percentage of body weight consist of water? - ✔✔50 to 65 percent In the body where is the chemical digestion of fat take place? - ✔✔Small intestine What trans fat affect on blood cholesterol? - ✔✔saturated fats [Show More]

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