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ASTRO 001 Unit 1 Quiz Questions | Questions with 100% Correct Answers | Updated | Download to score A+

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According to Newton's Second Law of Motion, if the net force acting on the object increases while the mass of the object remains constant, what happens to the acceleration? - ✔✔Acceleration incr... eases. If the Earth were moved to half its current distance from the Sun, how would the force of gravity by the Sun on the Earth change? - ✔✔It would become four times stronger. What did Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation tell us about how gravity works? - ✔✔The force of gravity from the Sun will be stronger on an object with more mass? The Earth's radius is about 6400 km. If you were in orbit in the Space Station 150 km above the ground, the force of gravity you feel from Earth would be? - ✔✔Slightly weaker than when you are standing on Earth. If you were to sit on the ground, there would be a force due to gravity pulling you toward the Earth. According to Newton's 3rd law what is going on? - ✔✔You are pushing the Earth away from yourself with the same force. [Show More]

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