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Sitecore Questions and Answers (2022/2023) Rated A+

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Sitecore Questions and Answers (2022/2023) Rated A+ What is the recommended version of Visual Studio for Sitecore development? A. 4.0 only B. 4.5 only C. 4.0/4.5 D. All of the above ✔✔C Wha... t tools can you use to install Sitecore? A. Manual or zip file, EXE, Scripts B. EXE C. Sitecore Rocks and SIM D. Scripts, Sitecore Rocks and SIM, EXE, Manual or zip file ✔✔D What additional databases are required when running xDB? A. Collection Database (MongoDB), Marketing, and Session State B. Collection Database (MongoDB), Reporting, and Session State C. NoSQL, Reporting, and Session State D. None of the above ✔✔B How do you patch in changes to the <sitecore> section of web.config? A. Put a web.config file in the App_Config/include folder B. Put a .config patch file in the App_Config/include folder C. Put a .bat file in the App_Config folder D. None of the above ✔✔B You have just created new content but you cannot see it on your live website. Why not? [Show More]

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