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OK Real Estate Test (PSI Test Questions) with Complete Solutions

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OK Real Estate Test (PSI Test Questions) with Complete Solutions Under what condition can confidential info be released? ✔✔The party gives consent to the disclosure in writing. The seller make... s a counteroffer. The Buyer accepts and decides to reply using "snail mail". When is a valid purchase contract created using the post office? ✔✔When the offeree puts the acceptance in the mail. Title insurance is always paid... ✔✔By the buyer. The revolving fund is under the management of? ✔✔The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC) When a form of real estate sales contract has been agreed to and signed by the purchasers and given to the seller's broker with an earnest money check, ✔✔this transaction is considered an offer. A property owner in a development is required to have a shake roof. This requirement is most likely to come from ✔✔A deed restriction. A borrower grosses $4,000 per month and pays $600 monthly for debt obligations. What monthly payment for housing expenses (principal, interest, taxes, insurance) can this person afford based on an FHA debt ratio of 41%? ✔✔$1,040 What must an associate include in all adverti [Show More]

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