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Property and casualty insurance Exam Questions and Answers Part one Already Graded A

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Which of the following are the authorities that an agent can hold? ✔✔Express and implied Which of the following terms refers to such disabilities the loss of a limb, hearing , or eye sight? ✔�... ��Permanent partial disability Who is NOT considered an employee in an commercial general liability (CGL) policy? ✔✔Temporary worker The major portion of the premium of an equipment breakdown policy pays? ✔✔For inspections and examinations An insured owns a building valued at $400,000. To comply with the 80% coinsurance provision of his insurance policy, how , much should he insure the property for? ✔✔80% of the property's replacement cost or more Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if the consumer challenges the accuracy of the information contained in his or her report, the reporting agency must ✔✔Respond to the consumer's complaint [Show More]

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