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Introduction Many organizations go through changes and those changes can allow success or failure depending on how the organization interprets the change and executes a plan to update the process o... r implement the change. Sometimes an organization as big as AT&T formally Bell South they may have to enter an organizational change prepared for the process and the work it may take to get the business to the desired goal. Within an organization there are many factors that can cause the changes not to be as successful as they should be. When this happens the organization must know what way to go how to handle those associates and leaders, or sometimes they have to determine if the policy or rules that are in place need adjusting to make the change more successful. When reviewing an organization and how they conform to any organizational change we must understand the meaning behind what and organizational change is and how planned organizational change is applied within a business. Planned organizational change means to implement a process which moves a company from its current state to its desired future state, with goals to enhance the business effectiveness (Weiss, 2016). This is a process which can be approached in many ways such as Kotter’s approach, Lewins force field analysis, as well as there are different types of organizational change which are developmental, transformational and transitional change. We will review how a major corporation such as AT&T survived the process of organizational change through many different situations and see how Kotter’s eight step approach will assist the organization with achieving their goals and how the types of changes can affect the process [Show More]

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